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Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler

- Albert Einstein

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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing

- Albert Einstein



2020 - Articles

Covid-19 & Economy

The Covid-19 crisis is hitting businesses all around the Globe, with no immediate ending in sight. Many private businesses no matter how small and big, demanded the governments’ financial assistance to survive...

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2019 - Articles

To have a job is a right, not a privilege

71 years since the adaptation of UDHR by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris (1948), we are witnessing ignorance and contempt toward this magnificent human rights bill but most of all by the governments who have signed and pledged to it.

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2017 - Articles

US Presidential Elections, Destination Left, Directed to the “Right”.

Famous for being a Washington outsider and anti-establishment, and a candidate for change, with the slogan of “Make America Great Again”, helped him and his campaign to be perceived as the new champion to fulfil the elusive American dream.

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2015 - Articles

The economic-political powers will not be tamed by advice!

When the export of capital takes place as loans, it is attached with terms under which big parts of the money shall be granted for the purchase of materials dictated by the creditors, particularly for the buying of very expensive armaments.

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2014 - Articles

Do not be entangled in the web of conspiracies!

Yasser Arafat once said in an interview that Hamas’ creation was helped and facilitated by the Israeli Government, which now owes its emergence thanks to the recent brutality of that occupying regime.

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2013 - Articles

The Surveillance State

The NSA contracted domestic and international hacking companies – for instance a French firm, Vupen, to gather intelligence ...

Endless Greed
Mar-10-2013 worker holds up a sausage covered in green mould saying it would be cleaned, dried and re-used (BBC News, March 8, 2013)

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2012 - Articles

People or Profit

Driven by its greed, the private sector is looking after its profits and not the well-being of the people, no matter how harmful their actions will be for the functioning of a society, and of course the private sector is the pillar of capitalism.

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2010 - Articles

The rich are getting richer, ...

... as of 2007, the bottom 80% of American households held about 7% of liquid financial assets.

It’s all business!

The idea of spending about one billion dollars for G8/G20 Summit’s security in Canada was already welcomed by Nicolas Sarkozy the President of France...

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2009 - Articles

The recent Iran events, a brief story

But in spite of all conspiracies, the struggle of the Iranian people for democracy, peace and social justice will continue. Their ultimate victory is looming. Events in Iran will be contagious and will spread, especially in the region. This is the least desirable turn of events for imperialism.

Depression Then, Depression Now

In an unusually Long and Severe Recession, say Depression, the system will not recover with creating factitious money again and again, to be lent to the failing countries, banks, companies and individuals to pay their old debts.

Borders On Corruption

Corruption which mars all aspects of our lives, our environment and prospect of our future generations, has its roots back to the instinctive greed of capitalism itself.

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2008 - Articles

Matter and Life

Man is not a subject of Darwin’s process of Natural Selection... Life teaches man to change his society to a just one, through which he will be changed to a higher level of humanity!

Why Recession?

... ,the role of finance capital (industrial capital + bank capital) is far more crucial than the role of commodity production.

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2007 - Articles

Finance-Military Complex

The term Military-Industrial Complex does not reflect the whole aspects of this all trade alliance, because the industry itself is controlled by the finance capital.

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2006 - Articles

Why We Need Socialism

There are newly emerging conflicts between society and imperialism, which have to be addressed and dealt with urgently.

The blind theory

The real front is the struggle to eliminate the exploitation of man by man. It is a struggle to build socialism!

The US Elections and Change

More than 40% or about 80 million Americans exercised their rights and cast their ballots in that day, which by the standards of this country was an improvement.

Viva Global Socialism!

In year 2000, the Democratic Party of U. S. called for a new doctrine of “Forward Engagement” which is not a self-defence policy.

Hollywood & Socialism

About 1500 critical and progressive movies were produced which still are making rounds in different TV channels.

A Silly Pretext

The most rabid think-tanks of the US imperialism insist, whoever that controls this area, will retain its supremacy over other imperialists or future emerging powers.

What Is To Be Done?

The encouraging good news from most parts of Latin-America, have many lessons to teach and will have a great impact on the future of the mankind.


The transnational corporations mostly based in the United States, has pushed that imperialist force towards establishing a powerful and ambitious global trading system, founded on a firm constitutional footing, with formidable dispute-resolution acts and unaccountable to any elected local or national institution in the world.

A Little Talk About Socialism

Nobody has ever scientifically discovered another alternative to get out of this quagmire.

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2005 - Articles

Things are getting worse

Every human has only one chance to live, and this life turns miserable because of exploitation of man by man and through the plunder of natural resources of the planet which belong to everyone and their future generations.


Obviously the reason behind the creation of maquiladoras was cheap labor, and as capitalism advances and the hunt for growing benefits breaks out throughout the world, we will witness the globalization of maquiladoras


Cause and Effect

In the U.S. there is enough workforce to be trained; available high-technology and abundant resources to implement equal access to healthcare for everybody. But the rulers deliberately complicate the matter and entangle it in an inextricable bureaucratic spider web, that a senior citizen poisoned by false propaganda tells herself, that “politicians are working hard for us, they are trying to fix these problems, but they can’t, healthcare is a difficult issue, so it is better not to bother them, it is better to die”.


Borders on Privatization

It is in the private sector that profit takes precedence over people, for instance as a result of privatization of the social security in the U.S., senior citizen’s retirement benefits mostly go to the pockets of private companies.

Colonization or Globalization

Nowadays the term “globalization” which is referred to the recent global events does not reflect the whole essence of economical, political and social changes taking place in the world.


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