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Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler

- Albert Einstein

A little talk about socialism


All of the wealth on the earth comes from the collective work of people on the land, in the mines, over the sunshine and with the air – for instance:  using solar and wind energy for the generation of electricity.

But, in a class society like capitalism, wealth is accumulated in the hands of a small minority who have extorted the means of production which belong to everyone.  And, it is through the monopoly of the means of production that exploitation of man by man is accomplished.

The result is hunger and disease, unemployment and poverty, war and destruction of societies and the environment.

One may ask himself, is this sorry plight the final destiny of mankind?

No! because people inevitably struggle for their own well-being.  And their well-being is possible only by implementation of a system called socialism.

There is no other cure for this ailing system of all-inequalities, to say capitalism and its final stage imperialism.  Nobody has ever scientifically discovered another alternative to get out of this quagmire.  And we are fortunate that we have got much lessons from our past experiences.  The most important of all is that socialism can not be built in the absence of a full democracy.

The economic goal of the first stage of socialism is that:  everybody works according to his ability and gets according to his quality and quantity of his work.  The economy is regulated for the needs of the society by the society itself, and not by the instinct of gaining profit

In practice each person receives a credit (or a certificate*) which is deposited in his account after the deduction of some amount of his labour cost for the common funds.

Common funds are used for administration fees; public service expenses; retirement, elderly, children and disability benefits and so on.

No one is left behind, a new culture and morality will emerge.

Credit cards are used to draw everything from social stock of means of consumption.  It can be used both inside and outside the country, for vacations, journeys, visits, etc, etc.

A highly computerized credit bank - Marx and Engels had ingeniously pointed out this matter** - checks everything and exchanges use values with other socialist and still non-socialist countries.

Thus what happens in a society with the presence of a credit card for everyone and in the absence of money?

The answer is that there will be no theft, no bribery, no embezzlement, no killings for money, no war for profit and so on.

As we enter the second stage of socialism and thanks to the continuous progress of the means of production, the difference between intellectual and manual labour disappears and with the over-all evolution of mankind, everyone will work according to his or her ability, and everyone will get according to his or her needs.


* Karl Marx, Critique of the Gotha Programme, 1875.

**Communist Manifesto (published in 1848).

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