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Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler

- Albert Einstein

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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing

- Albert Einstein



Spring 2020 - Brief Stories

March 21st 2020

Dear Senator Bernie Sanders,

As expected, the 17th of March results awakened many of your followers like me. There’s an urgent need to reassess this campaign. Again as you know better than any body else, you will not be able to achieve and meet your progressive goals with this for-profit Democratic Party. With the outbreak of Corona Virus, we are living in a very dangerous time. Millions and millions will be unemployed; they will face homelessness, hunger, and death. Blind revolts with unexpected and frightening consequences will follow. You and your progressive wife are in a position that can reverse this painful scenario. There is a need to establish a National pro-people third party.

In Canada the famous universal public health care program, among other progressive ideas, were implemented by the New Democratic Party (1961), while the two traditional Parties were opposing and fighting against these progressive measures.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the same kind, with different colors; by supporting Biden not only this doesn't change the status quo, but will also be harmful to the future of your lifetime outstanding achievements.

With Best Regards

Spring 2019 - Brief Stories

May 05th 2019

According to mainstream media, on Monday April 22nd, 2019, a female worker, Jill Greninger crashed to her death after falling head first inside an industrial meat grinder.

Pennsylvania Police said there were no witnesses to the accident.

In other words, it means that this 35-year-old woman was alone at the time while operating this giant machine.

The horrifying accident was discovered when a co-worker heard strange noises from the operating machine. Many questions arise about the killing of this young worker.

  • Why would such a giant machine be operated by a single employee?
  • Was there enough training for the operating of this kind of machine?
  • Are all workers checked properly for physical and mental illnesses, especially for those who do dangerous tasks at work?
  • Was this worker tired, exhausted, and suddenly fell asleep due to overwork?

There is no doubt that harsh working environments and its consequences are directly related to the neo-liberal policy of rabid greedy capitalism.

Austerity measures, cuts, firings, imposing long extra work hours on the shoulders of workers, especially in the absence of unions, are the main culprits.

Finally, so far, we don’t know what happened to the remains of this 21st century victim of the meat processing plant. But this shocking tragedy reminded me of what Upton Sinclair investigated about the meat-packing industry in the U.S. and wrote in his famous book, The Jungle (1904).

Winter 2019 - Brief Stories

February 14th 2019

Recently I went on a trip to Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba as a tourist. As usual, our tour bus departed from Santa Clara Air Port towards the hotel resort area.

Halfway to our destination, I saw several towns and villages that really surprised me. I asked myself if this was really Cuba. Was I passing through the Dominican Republic or Panama, which I have visited a few years past?

What had shocked me so were shantytowns, consisting of short ceiling huts, with roofs covered clumsily with palm branches.Some alleys were muddy with sewage flowing through them. During my previous trips in Cuba I had witnessed shantytowns, but what I was observing now were indeed painful and heart wrenching.

On route, as per our tour guide, several apartment blocks were built by the Soviet Union in 1960's. Nevertheless, due to negligence and mismanagement they were worn out and mostly abandoned.

What I, as well as, other curious tourists in the bus were observing was not a pleasant site to see. Each year thousands of visitors pass through this route and of course convey their negative observations all around the world. However, what moves me as a socialist is why 60 years of socialism in Cuba, has ignored these people. Situations like this strike blow to the cause of socialism in the world. That is why, I, as a friend of Cuba, believe that we must undoubtedly make constructive criticism on this matter.

It is important to mention that the Revolutionary Cuba achieved great successes in the fields of education, health care, job guaranty, and social security in the face of lengthy and brutal US Imperialism’ embargo.

However, it is time to address the failures in the field of housing and urbanization while rabid imperialists and their thoughtless puppets are rallying to topple progressive governments - particularly in Latin America, as in the case of mishandled, opportunist infiltrated, and under imperialists’ embargo, wealthy Venezuela.

To ward off the blow of Imperialists’ Iron Heel, we have to get rid of our Achilles Heel.

Fall 2017 - Brief Stories

October 10th 2017

On Sunday night, October 1st, a mass shooting killed at least 59 people, and injured more than 520 in Las Vegas, Nevada. An "insane", "sole gunman", Stephen Paddock allegedly killed himself in his hotel room.

The shooting was the deadliest US shooting in recent history during which the "gunman" opened fire from his hotel room on a music festival crowd of about 22,000 people, before turning the gun on himself.

Here, we won't discuss how and why the shooter smuggled 24 high-powered weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition and explosives into the hotel. Or, that 12 of his weapons were equipped with bump-stocks, devices that enable guns to operate like fully automatic weapons. Or that if the shooter had done all of these by himself or if he had accomplices.

At this point, the question is how irrational and disappointing is the apparent reaction of the American society: buying more and more guns. And, how knowingly and deceitfully President Trump and the US Congress looked into banning of bump-stocks, a move which was endorsed by the powerful pro-gun lobbyist, NRA.

At the least, the solution put forward by the US Government is superficial, misleading, and does not cure this deadly illness of the US society, it is like the symptomatic treatment of a fatal disease.

Consider if the killer only had knifes or even swords, would he have been able to carry out his monstrous act with so many casualties? Of course not!

To stop all mass killings, it is required to ban all firearms in the United States of America. It is worthy to mention that "The number of Americans killed by firearms from 1968 to 2015 is 1,516,863, even higher than all Americans killed on battlefields in all wars in history", New York Times, Oct. 2, 2017.

But the firearm business is an insatiable greedy business which sticks with its leach life in a society where profit takes precedence over people’s lives. It would only be stoppable by the will and action of informed, organized people!

Fall 2016 - Brief Stories

November 29th 2016

Police in eastern Ukraine have arrested a teacher accused of trying to sell a 13-year-old girl for $ 10,000.

The girl was living at a boarding school in the Kharkiv region – under the imperialists’ installed Fascist Regime – for orphans and children from broken homes.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said the buyer hinted that the girl’s organs would be removed.

There have been previous reports of criminal gangs preying on destitute people in eastern Europe to harvest their organs. The trade in organs can be highly lucrative.

In 2013, an EU-led court in Kosovo found five people guilty in connection with a human organ-trafficking ring.

The five were accused of carrying out dozens of illegal transplants at the Medicus Clinic in the capital, Pristina (BBC News, Nov. 22, 2016).

But the BBC report doesn’t display the extent of such gruesome businesses in “this imperialists’ democratized region of ex-Yugoslavia”.

For instance Carla Del Ponte, the former chief prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal pointed out in her revealing book: That in the summer of 1999, 300 young Serbs were abducted in Kosovo, transported to Albania for execution and their organs were sold on the global black market (Hunt: Me and War Criminals, published in April 2008).

As mentioned organ trafficking is a highly lucrative business that surely cannot be ignored by the greedy gangs of our voracious, cruel capitalist system. It upsets the mind of any concerned human being to ask what really happened to the “tens of thousands of child refugees that are missing in Europe, and many more are suffering a plight beyond imagination.

UNICEF releases a sobering report on the horrific circumstance of refugee children, but world leaders ignore its suggestions”, (, June 16, 2016).

Spring 2016 - Brief Stories

May 14th 2016

In this brief we have two damning reports about the things happening in the United States of America, the richest country of the world and the most advanced capitalist system ever created.

In the first report which was published about 10 months ago and of course is valid today, we read that tens of thousands of American children are thought to be sexually exploited every year. It is believed that every night hundreds of American kids are sold for sex. The reason is poverty, deprivation, and exploitation (BBC News, 30 July 2015).

In another report we see that, according to official US government estimates from the department of Housing and Urban Development, about 50 thousand veterans are homeless on any given night, more than half are mentally and physically sick. 91 per cent are male, but the numbers of female homeless veterans are increasing since the return of soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan (BBC News, 7 May 2016).

As we see, this very rich country can not afford a safe and decent life for its vulnerable and defenceless citizens, kids.

As well this system can not support and even ignores the existence of those who fight for its greed. The servicemen and servicewomen who gave blood and sacrificed their well-beings during its imperialist wars of aggression are abandoned bleak in the streets.

Hopefully we are in the midst of very exciting and extraordinary events for choosing a candidate for the next presidential elections of the United States. Campaign of the Democratic Party candidate Senator Bernie Sanders and the grass-roots movement it created is unprecedented in the whole history of the United States. A movement that should not be abated until it reaches its goals for Social justice and peace in the US, and around the world.

Election of Democratic Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders as President will herald the beginning of the end of all inequalities, injustices, and perpetual wars.

Is America ready for that? Of course it directly depends on the will and struggle of well informed organised workers, working people, and spectrum of the progressive forces in the US society!

Fall 2015 - Brief Stories

December 08th 2015

Continuous insistence of the Western capitalist countries to remove President Basher al-Assad, and their desire to install a pro-Western regime in Syria has deep economic roots.

At a time of economic crisis and saturation of demand and supply market, capitalist forces destroy to “rebuild” in order to boost the demand factor.

This is what's happening as an example to Syria. The West ruined it, while the Syrian Government has already signed or is in the process of signing the rebuilding contracts with the Russian and Chinese companies.

As the prospects of ISIS & Co. is doomed under the massive Russian bombardments, France, Germany and very recently UK Governments are eager to participate in “destroying” their creature, ISIS, under the US-led Coalition (from reports by BBC News, and RT, Dec. 4, 2015).

By nominal and futile US type air strikes, they of course will also be demanding their share of a very profitable “rebuilding” of Syria even on paper, as it happened in Afghanistan and Iraq, for instance; The US Department of Defense has spent $43m (£28m) on a vehicle fuelling station in Afghanistan, according to a recently published oversight report. However, it cost more than 140 times that of a similar project in neighbouring Pakistan. (BBC News, November 2, 2015).

Let's not forget that the Great Depression of the 1930s ended only after the massive destruction & rebuilding of Europe and most parts of Asia, as a result of WWII.

In the capitalist world, the big winner of WWII was US imperialism in the expense of UK and other imperialist forces. But history does not always repeat itself.

Behind any political event, there is an economic incentive. Capitalists won’t do anything unless they sense the smell of profit.

November 9th 2015

The Greek island of Lesbos has run out of room to bury the bodies of desperate migrants trying to reach Europe, the island’s mayor said yesterday, as the island’s ambulance crews launched protests over budget cuts and over-work (, November 2, 2015).

Of course these desperate peoples are not migrants; the overwhelming majority are political refugees that were forced to flee their countries, leave their belongings, and mostly their families due to the imperialists’ wars, and frightening imperialists-created terrorists’ crimes inflicted on them.

According to the latest UN data, in the last 10 months, about 744,000 refugees entered Europe passing through Mediterranean Sea. Over 218,000 migrants and refugees crossed the Mediterranean to Europe in October, beating the total annual number for the whole of 2014 (RT, November 3, 2015). The crisis is worsening.

Not everyone is lucky enough to enter Europe alive, for instance in the first 6 months of 2015, more than 2,600 refugees and migrants are known to have died crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe (International Organization for Migration), not to mention those who were suffocated inside the trucks or died during their hard journey of diseases, dehydration or hunger.

When one’s house is ruined by someone, this person has a right to protect his or her life and his or her family; this is part of Human Rights. Of course fleeing forward towards the invaders’ house is a clever move. Who has destroyed Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and other countries? Obviously the perpetrators are NATO and its spearheading force the United States of America.

Why did they do this? They committed these heinous crimes because of their insatiable greed; they did this because of their ferocious instinct for pillage.

Not surprising, the European countries’ rulers decided to face this crisis by installing wires and building walls, while their propaganda machine directly or indirectly feeds right-wing extremists and Fascists to put the blame on migrants and refugees for the failures of the capitalist system.

Unlike the European governments’ solution, the crisis will only be solved by stopping the invasion of other countries, abandoning the policy of creating tensions, coup d’états, and wars for the purpose of colonizing and exploiting other nations.

A hypothetical suggestion that is not compatible with the capitalist system.

Summer 2015 - Brief Stories

August 29th 2015

One year after the death of Michael Brown, shocking numbers show that police have killed more than 1100 people in the United States of America (RT America, August 26, 2015).

Michael Brown was an unarmed black teenager who was shot multiple times by Ferguson, Missouri police on August 9th 2014.

The killing resulted in several days of unrest in Ferguson and many major cities in the US. Thus far, the demonstrations against police brutality have not abated, and neither have the number of deaths at the hands of the police (, Aug. 9th 2015).

According to “” 314 deaths were black Americans, but most of those who were killed by police in the last year were white; however don’t forget that black Americans are 3.28 times more likely to be killed by police than white people and 2.28 times more likely to be killed by police than any other race (, Aug. 10th 2015).

Of course that’s not a statistic that’s easy to find, the exact numbers of those killed are not available by the government, but what is obvious is that while black people protest continuously against police brutality, most whites obsessed with their American dreams usually don’t complain.

This reluctance of whites encourages the oppressive system and perpetuates the cruelty of police, national guards and the ruling class vigilantes.

More than 1100 people killed in one year by the police is alarming and is not justifiable in any way. Although racism is implicated in many cases, it is not the main cause. The main cause is capitalism; an exploitative system that trains its suppressive forces to spread fear, despair, racial tensions and division to continue its malevolent existence.

Winter 2015 - Brief Stories

February 2nd 2015

On January 19, 2015 the anti-poverty charity Oxfam reported that inequality in the world is rising to staggering levels. This report which coincided with the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, reveals that by next year the richest 1% will own more than the rest of the world’s population.

The richest 1% are about 70 million who each of them owns about $800,000 of wealth and amongst them are 80 top billionaires that their riches will equal to the bottom 50% of the rest of the world’s population, 3.5 billion people.

The research says that there will be an increase of $600 billion in the wealth for the top 80 billionaires, in 4 years – or a 50% rise. On the other hand, there will be a $750 billion drop in the wealth for the poorest 50% in the world in 4 years. In simple words the gap between the rich and the poor is continuously getting wider.

This continuing trend of the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer is totally in tune with increasing wars, destruction of countries, burgeoning terrorists, spying on peoples and nations, growing racial and religious tensions, suppression of the working class and policies of anti-unionism, ruining family ethics, inspiring and glorifying a culture of violence, fooling and misleading the nations, corrupting all aspects of societies, and finally the devastation of our environment.

Hereby it is obvious that the misfortune of the 99% is directly related to the fortunes of the remaining 1%. In each specific moment, a specific amount of wealth is produced, now if someone has more, others will have less. If some have much more, many will have much less. And if a minority has everything, the majority will have nothing.

Why do the lives of many have to be ruined due to the greediness of others?

The Davos club of the oligarchy defend their own instincts and interests by all means, however the oppressed are not silently watching their demise. The stunning victory of the leftist anti-austerity party of Greece, Syriza on January 25, 2015 shows that the disadvantaged and oppressed started to fight back against the greedy oligarchs. This victory will encourage similar movements globally and in turn should use the lessons learned in the current Latin America revolutions.

Fall 2014 - Brief Stories

December 14th 2014

Two high profile killings of unarmed blacks, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York, once again flared up the persistent problem of racism in the Unites States. In both cases the failure of two grand juries to indict white police officers, provoked anger, grief and street demonstrations in most parts of the U.S., in late November and early December of 2014.

These daily tragic events are happening while Obama, a black president is residing in the White House, and a black, Eric Holder is the head of the Department of Justice. This demonstrates that the issues of race, ethnicity and gender discrimination do not go away even while having a black person as president in the most powerful country in the world.

This problem is engendered at the core of a class society, capitalism. Race, ethnicity, and gender are used to create big armies of unemployed, alongside low wage sweat-shop workers for the purpose of extracting as much surplus value as possible. If you have no choice other than selling your workforce, the result will be the same, no matter whether you’re black or white, or living in the US, UK, France, or any other country. Therefore discrimination subsists with the existence of capitalism itself.

Let us have some examples:

Muslim men in Britain are up to 76 percent less likely to have a job of any kind compared to white male British Christians of the same age and with the same qualifications, (, November 30, 2014): a main cause of growing frustration with the system and breeding extremism among ethnics.

In another example, according to the White House, full time working women earn 77 percent of what their male counterparts earn (, April 8, 2014): overt gender discrimination in the land of the “American Dream”: opportunity for prosperity and success through hard work for everyone.

The system cherishes, persuades, and perpetuates racial, ethnic tensions and conflicts to divert the just struggle for the eradication of exploitation and inequality. Police brutality and getting away with the law are part of intrigues to spread fear, create despair and finally suppress people’s struggle for social justice and peace.

To counteract these tricks, disenfranchised people of all races, workers, working people, poor, indebted students, and women have to come together and fight for the establishment of a just society. Divided people and separate struggles do not attain peace and social justice.

Summer 2014 - Brief Stories

September 20th 2014

It is painful, but it is real that the parents of both murdered journalists James Foley, and Steven Sotloff were warned by the US Government that they could face criminal charges for supporting terrorism if they paid a ransom to the ISIS (Islamic State) to free their sons.

“We were told that several times and we took it as a threat and it was appalling,” Foley’s mother Diane said in an interview with ABC News, September 12, 2014.

In another report Barak Barfi, the spokesperson for the Sotloff family told Yahoo News, that the family of this journalist “felt completely and utterly helpless when they heard this”, September 10, 2014.

While the US and EU imperialists, amid other aides, inject millions of dollars to Islamic terrorists in the Middle East, including the ISIS, it is shocking and outrageous that paying a demanded ransom by the frightened families are material aids to terrorists and could be considered a violation of federal laws.

Material aids to terrorists?

It's pure hypocrisy that very recently the US Congress approved President Barack Obama’s $500 million plan to aid “moderate” Syrian opposition taking on Islamic State (BBC News, September 18, 2014).

This “moderate” Syrian opposition are the same people who sold Steven Sotloff to ISIS for something between $25,000 and $50,000 (, September 9, 2014).

It seems that the US Government deliberately prevented the families of murdered journalists to pay the ransoms to the ISIS.

With the anticipated gruesome cutting of the heads of these two journalists, followed by the public fury and shock, there will be enough excuse to start another war, this time for the reshaping of the map of the Middle East.

The new Middle East will be consisted of small protectorate states, hostile to each other, controlled by the atomic holder Israel, ready to be plundered to the end.

This is a scenario written by greed, but sooner or later, it will not be played by the people who want to live in a free and just society!

Spring 2014 - Brief Stories

April 27th 2014

The horrible story of Dozier, Florida reform school recently resurfaced again in the media.

From 1900-2011, the Dozier School in Marianna, Florida was a state run reform school for troubled boys and a place for orphaned as young as one year of age.

Despite periodic investigations, changes of leadership, and pledges to improve it, allegations of cruelty, and abuse against the young inmates continued until it was permanently closed in June 2011.

Boys were beaten, tortured, raped, and murdered by the fascistic behaviour of staffs in a small “White House” on campus.

Within the past year anthropologists working for the University of South Florida have exhumed the remains of 55 children on the grounds of the School (BBC News, April 15 2014). According to Jerry Cooper, the President of the White House Boys, these “are just the tip of the iceberg”.

Juvenile Dozier reform School was one of the 195 facilities Reported by Youth, 2008-2009, U.S. Department of Justice, with similar reputations.

Contemporary to these terrible events in the United States of America, Anton Makarenko (1888-1939) the Ukrainian born Soviet educator promoted democratic ideas and principles in educational theory and practice. Among his key ideas were “The maximum possible demands with the maximum possible respect.” (

Makarenko was one of the first Soviet educators to urge that the activities of various educational institutions – i.e., the family, the school, clubs, public organizations, production collectives, and the community existing at the place of residence – should be integrated. Makarenko rejected physical punishment.

His colonies achieved impressive success for educating and rehabilitating troubled and street children in the USSR. Many of the rehabilitated children became talented and constructive members of the Soviet Union, the first ever human attempt to build a just society in a large and semi-developed country.

These two different approaches towards the similar problem in two societies are expressive and shocking. This demonstrates how human dignity is crushed under the rule of a fascistic body in one hand, and how a socialist society can promote and encourage morals and self-esteem of its very vulnerable members on the other hand.

Winter 2014 - Brief Stories

January 6th 2014

The main purpose of drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, … is to recruit more and more militants for Al-Qaeda and other extremists in the Islamic and Arab world.

In early 2011, the powerful revolutionary uprisings, so-called Arab-spring swept through Yemen. The revolt’s targets were and are democracy, peace, and social justice for all. At the same time the US drone strikes intensified against relatively weak and invisible Al-Qaeda terrorist organization. The pretext was to get rid of dangerous Al-Qaeda, but in reality it was the ordinary people who were targeted, killed and maimed in hundreds.

With each strike and by increasing revulsion against the US imperialists, Al-Qaeda opportunistically recruited more and more terrorist militants. The anti-democratic terrorists targeted the masses’ demonstrations, the worker’s organs and gatherings by bombs, spreading fear, dividing and diverting the people’s legitimate struggle for a better life. By attacking government offices, terrorists provided reactionary police and security forces enough reasons to crush the democratic movement.

Why? Because in a democratic government every drop of oil and every gram of other natural resources are counted, and the profit is utilized for the well-being of the people. This is what the imperialists and neo-colonialists do not like at all.

Encouraging religious wars in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Somalia, Nigeria, Central African Republic, and tribal war in South Sudan are parts of the same agenda to sidetrack the legitimate struggles for social justice, democracy, and peace.

It is worthy to mention that cherishing Fascism in financially troubled industrialized countries, for instance Greece, Ukraine, Baltic States, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, UK, US, … is another version of this agenda, aiming to save the failing capitalism.

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Fall 2013 - Brief Stories

November 24th 2013

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant was crippled during the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011.

Since that disaster radioactive isotopes are releasing in increasing amounts in the waters of Pacific Ocean. These materials are very dangerous for the health of all living things on earth including humans, and the repercussions could last for generations to come.

It is distressing to note that the Japanese mafia, Yakuza, is cashing in from this horrifying disaster. The Tokyo Electric Power Company which received billions from the Japanese Government for urgent clean up, relayed on a subcontractor, and eventually called the Yakuza for help (from a report by The RT, Nov. 20, 2013).

Yakuza hired the desperately unemployed, those with gambling debts to the Organization, homeless men, and even those with mental disabilities as clean up workers for the damaged nuclear plant. Most workers have absolutely no idea what they are doing and they could have exposed themselves to large doses of radiation without even knowing it. They are low paid and have no health risk insurance. In order to maintain the cash flow, Yakuza, the subcontractor, and the TEPCO itself are in no rush to finish the job.

It is interesting to specify that private company, “TEPCO admitted for the first time that it had failed to take stronger measures to prevent disasters …” (The New York Times, Oct. 12, 2013).

Instead of telling people the truth, the government of Japan denies the facts, playing down the disaster, and adopts a state secrets act that could curb public access to information on a wide range of issues including the Fukushima nuclear crisis. This law would enable the authorities to put civil servants responsible for information leaks behind bars for up to 10 years (from a report by South China Morning Post, Nov. 15, 2013).

What we see here is that a chain of profiteers are prioritizing their own interests at all cost. Not surprising since Japan is a highly developed capitalist society.

November 3rd 2013

National Security Agency’s (NSA) eavesdropping on German Chancellor, Angela Merkel’s personal cell phone has infuriated European rulers.

We now know that millions of phone calls, emails and other correspondences of ordinary people were and are regularly spied on by the NSA, under the “ignorant” watch (and if any, bland criticism) of EU leaders. Even local services have assisted the NSA. For instance a Swedish intelligence agency has participated in the NSA’s controversial surveillance operations (, September 6th 2013), or Australian, Canadian, and British diplomatic missions and embassies have been used as part of a US-led spying network in Asia (BBC News, November 1st 2013).

So why are these leaders so irritated? The reason is that the private life information of these rulers is used to secure their cooperation, their submission, their loyalty, and in the worst scenario, if needed, to neutralize and silence them. Of course do not forget the mafia business of blackmail and extortion.

At this time, we have to ask what the purpose of these operations is. Very clearly the purpose is to obtain economic and inventive secrets of other governments, companies and institutions, and get political collaboration by the rulers around the world for the gain of NSA’s bosses; the giant US corporations. In this vicious war nobody is immune, even the president and congress of the United States of America, because everything must be in the service of voracious greed of spearheading US imperialists’ oligarchy. And of course fulfilling of this greed has nothing to do for the well-being of the ordinary American dreamers.

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Summer 2013 - Brief Stories

July 30th 2013

The US, Attorney General Eric Holder has assured the Russian government that the US has no plans to seek the death penalty for the former NSA analyst Edward Snowden and he would not be TORTURED if he is handed over by Russia to the US (Huffington post, July 26, 2013).

In this brief, we will not focus on the fact that under US Federal Law whistle-blowers are protected from the criminal retaliation of the government. In the federal civil service, the government is prohibited from taking, or threatening to take, any personnel action against an employee because the employee disclosed information that he or she reasonably believed showed a violation of law, gross mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority, or a substantial and specific danger to public safety or health.

That said, our aim is to highlight the fact that the US government actually tortures prisoners in its control, regardless if they are US citizens or not. Otherwise why would the US pledge to a foreign government, that it will not torture this particular person?

This is a barefaced admission that the basic human rights are easily crushed under the iron heel of capital in the United States of America, if it becomes necessary.

The necessity is to suppress any threat to the existence of the system, capitalism and of course its endless greed. In times when financial crises are intractable and incurable, creating fear, spying on people, and suppressing them is essential for the survival of ruling oligarchy. Democracy is only a people’s dream in capitalism.

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Spring 2013 - Brief Stories

April 14th 2013

Most of the American aid to Haiti in the wake of the country’s devastating earthquake went to US-based corporations.

According to a new report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, only one per cent of the $1.15 billion pledge after the January 12th 2010 quake went to Haitian companies (The Associated Press, April 5th 2013).

The report also finds that the biggest recipient of US aid was Chimonics International Inc., a for-profit international development company based in Washington, D.C.

Aside from the World Bank and United Nations, Chimonics is the single largest recipient of USAID funds worldwide. In Haiti, Chimonics has received $196 million or 17 per cent of the total amount.

In that country, Chimonic’s mandate has been involved with setting up a temporary structure for the parliament, repair of the country’s main courthouse, renovation of public plazas, and the most ridiculous of all, organizing the televised debates of the 2011 presidential election, which paved the way for the rigged election of the ultra- right-wing candidate Michel Martelly.

US aid has failed to do anything about the reconstruction of this devastated country. Housing, sanitary water, sewage repairing projects are lagging behind the schedule or failed at all. The outcome was the outbreak of cholera which began in October 2010, adding another 8,000 deaths to the 300,000 killed by the quake itself, not to mention thousands of casualties and sick people with no access to hospitals and proper medications.

The question is whether the imperialists, capitalists, and colonizers have any intention to help the deprived calamity stricken people in the spirit of humanity?

The answer is no! Every event, every disaster is being used to increase profits. If necessary, they will make calamities like wars; even create epidemic diseases to make more money.

And in this case, where did that $1.15 billion come from? It is the tax-payers money given by the USAID to private companies as a gift, thanks to pretexts such as humanitarian aids to the poor peoples of back warded countries, or urgent assistances following disasters and wars.

It is necessary to mention that with decades of so-called humanitarian aids to the potentially rich back warded counties; their economic, political and social situations have become worse and worse day by day!

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Winter 2013 - Brief Stories

March 10th 2013

On March 5th, Hugo Chavez, the revolutionary figure of Latin America, the socialist president of Venezuela, died at the age 58 after two years of battle with cancer. He became the champion of the poor and the oppressed not only in his country and Latin America, but all over the globe. Before his presidency in 1999, Venezuela was one of the most unequal societies in the world. Venezuela’s majority had not benefited from the vast oil revenues at all. Poor were living in slums without any access to healthcare, education, and descent housing. While the poor were living an appalling life, the rich were enjoying a very lavish time even not imaginable in the wealthy industrial countries.

Socialist Revolution in Venezuela under the leadership of Chavez has significantly reduced this deep nasty inequality.

Venezuela offered cheap oil to the poor nations of the Caribbean and Latin American countries and donated millions of gallons of home heating oil to the poor families of the United States each winter.

Chavez was the most passionate advocate of Latin Americas’ unity and a fervent opponent of imperialists’ aggressions and meddling in the Continent. These ideas erupted vicious enmity against him and the people of Venezuela. These hostilities resulted in a failed US-backed Coup of April 12th, 2002, assassination attempts and finally his suspicious cancer.

But as Vice-President Maduro (now Acting- President) said in his eulogy of March 8th: “The humble, the poor, and the oppressed - we are his living testimony” …”The fight continues”.

Millions of people wearing red shirts with Chavez’ face patiently stood in lines for hours to pay tribute to their President, saying yes, the fight for peace and social justice continues.

January 15th 2013

The UK based Institution of Mechanical Engineers reports: “As much as half of the world’s food, amounting to two billion tonnes worth, ends up being thrown away each year” (BBC News, January 9, 2013). This figure is staggering; then again the number of 870 million hungry people in the world is staggering too. UN organ, the Food and Agricultural Organisation, describes the figure as “unacceptable” and warns that the fight against hunger is slowing down (, October 16, 2012).

The cause of this painful situation especially in the case of the developed countries is neither poor engineering or agricultural practices, nor inadequate transport or storage infrastructures, as it is claimed by big businesses and their propaganda machine. To be specific, in the United States of America, 1 in 6 of the population is hungry. These are often hard-working adults, children and seniors who simply cannot make ends meet and are forced to go without food for several meals, or even days ( Of course feeding hungry Americans should not be halted by the above mentioned problems, and must not be affected by those shortages. In the US and other developed countries the people in need are not living far away from food sources. Thus the real reason behind this disturbing situation is the greed of capitalists. Supplies are destroyed in the face of ever-growing demands to keep prices up. For instance each year a large portion of wheat is being burnt and thrown into the sea, dairy farmers throwing away milk, to reverse the price cuts (Guardian, July 27, 2012).

By promoting the culture of consumerism people who can afford are persuaded to buy much more than they need. Restaurants, coffee shops and fast foods, through discarding of their earlier stock, keep their products perfect-looking continuously. They do all these wasteful things to keep and raise their profits in spite of the reality of how much precious food truly is and how many people are going to bed hungry each night right in the United States of America. At this point, it is obvious that we are not talking about famine stricken, starving to death Africans, who are the victims of imperialists’ pillage.

The horrible practice of destroying food in the face of starving people will not be abandoned in capitalism. It will become more and more appalling with the existence of this evil system.

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Fall 2012 - Brief Stories

November 22nd 2012

During its crises, capitalism inflames religious, tribal, nationalistic, and racial tensions and even wars, to divert peoples' struggles for social justice and peace. To hold on to power, this trick is embraced and cherished by reactionary governments as a heavenly gift.

We would be able to refer to many examples throughout history, but at this point in time we’ll only discuss the brutal assault on the besieged Gazans by the Israeli forces. One of the first casualties of this war was the Hamas military chief Ahmad Jabari. Hours before Ahmed Jabari was assassinated, he had received the draft for a permanent truce agreement with Israel, which included mechanisms for maintaining cease-fire in case of flare-ups between Israel and the factions in the Gaza Strip. According to the Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin, who mediated contact with Ahmad Jabari, the Israeli government was aware of his attempts, but "decided not to take that path”, and assassinated Jabari on Nov. 14th, 2012 (Huffington Post, Nov. 17th, 2012).

Therefore it is the Israeli Government and not Hamas that chose the path of war. Globally, not only war is a very profitable business for the rulers, but also a means to suppress the masses by promoting fear, a sense of insecurity, spreading the seeds of patriotism and nationalism; reaping the crop for their own benefits. The result is diverting the peoples’ struggle for peace and social justice in exchange for a little temporary safety. It is crucial to note, especially in the case of Israel that fear is a vital tool to hold the nation together and neglect the social and economical inequalities within the society. It is essential to use them as pawns of imperialists’ gendarme in the region and beyond.

Of course there are extremists on both sides of the conflict that benefit instinctively from each others’ actions. Their relationship is the same as the relationship between the police and criminals. Without criminals, the police would be laid off and without the police crime bosses couldn’t hold on to the grip on their gang; using them for their own authority and benefits.

Currently, as the Gaza ceasefire comes into effect (Nov. 21st, 2012, BBC News), social movements of both sides must come together, cooperate, put to end once and for all a return to the killing fields. This is applicable to the whole world too. The only solution to end human misery is to end the existence of class societies, the capitalism. It is achievable in the turn of 21st Century!

Summer 2012 - Brief Stories

September 15th 2012

The US Census Bureau’s 2011 annual report states that the number of Americans living in poverty rose to 46.2 million last year, nearly one in six people (AP, September 12, 2012). That figure was the highest in more than half a century when records were kept. Broken down by state, New Mexico had the highest share of poor people, at 22.2 percent, according to rough calculations by the Census Bureau. It was followed by Louisiana, the District of Columbia, South Carolina, Arkansas and Georgia. These people are relying more and more on food stamps.

On September 5th 2012, Save the Children UK, announced that there are about 3.5 million children living in poverty in the UK, and predict a steep rise in the numbers in coming years. More than half the parents in poverty surveyed (61%) said they had cut back on what they ate and more than a quarter (26%) had skipped meals in the past year. In central UK, nearly 35% of children live in poverty (BBC News). As it can be observed, people in the UK are also increasingly relying on food stamps.

Both above mentioned states are governed by highly developed capitalist systems, yet predictions about the future well-being of their citizens are dismal. These two imperialists exploit and plunder most parts of the world, yet they aren't able to provide a decent life for the majority of their own citizens now, nor will they be able in the future. If these two leading and capitalist advocates aren't able to improve the lives of their citizens with all the superior technology and sophistication, no other country will. Why is that?

Capitalism has reached its peak; it is leading to its own downfall due to its own contradictions and conflicts. The desire for a decent life in the future under capitalism is only a dream, and as George Carlin properly pointed out: you have to be asleep to believe it!

July 4th 2012

According to the mainstream media, the international drug giant GlaxoSmithKline was fined to pay $ 3 billion in the largest health fraud settlement in history (July 2, 2012).

In 2011, while preaching integrity and corporate responsibility, GSK bribed doctors and other healthcare providers to increase its profits. The giant GSK is a major manufacturer of prescription medications, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. On its website, the company boasts “every minute more than 1,100 prescriptions are written for GSK products” (ABC News, July 2, 2012).

The company advertised the drugs Paxil and Wellbutrin for use in children, despite the FDA not having approved antidepressants for anyone under 18.

The company accused by the (US) prosecutors of advertising off-label uses of the diabetes drug Avandia (BBC News), the asthma drug Advair, the seizure medication Lamictal, and the nausea treatment Zofran while also making false claims about the safety and usefulness of such drugs. Glaxo also submitted incorrect prices for its products to the government, allowing it to underpay rebates owed to programs such as Medicaid (Los Angeles Times, July 2, 2012). Playing with the lives of individuals, for greed is a rampant criminal act.

On the same day another UK giant, the Barclay Bank is in the spotlight for financial crimes and corruption, adding itself to the recent long line of fraudulent financial institutions.

These are neither the first nor the last frauds in the capitalist institutions.

Corruption, criminality, and cruelty are inherent of the capitalist system, and their sinister existence depends on the system itself.

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Winter 2012 - Brief Stories

February 16th 2012

With Capitalism in deadlock, things are getting worse everyday, not only in America but also everywhere else in the Capitalist world.

January 30th 2012

In this brief we have three reports about the imposing, establishment and the harbinger of “democracy” in our present world.

Nearly 100 days have passed since the lynching of war prisoner and leader of Libya by the NATO mercenaries. The pretext of war on this oil-rich country was civilian protection and democracy. Now we read that Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, told the Associated Press “There’s torture, extrajudicial executions, rape of both men and women” in Libya’s prisons. Doctors Without Borders has suspended its work in Libya’s prisons because it said torture was so rampant that some detainees were brought for care only to make them fit for further interrogation (January 26, 2012). NATO democracy and civilian protection is imposed.

Secondly, 9 years after the US imperialist invasion of Iraq for the same reason, Navi Pillay called the number of executions on January 19, 2012 “terrifying”. 34 people including 2 women were executed on a single day. There were major concerns about due process and fairness of trials. She went on “despite well documented cases of confessions being extracted under duress” (January 24, 2012, BBC News). The UN says the total number of people sentenced to death in Iraq since 2004 is believed to be more than 1,200. Nobody was acquitted; “democracy” is established under the very presence of US forces.

Finally, we are talking about justice in the harbinger of global “democracy”, the United States of America. According to BBC News, a US marine who admitted charges linked to the killing of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians (on November 19, 2005) should face no time in detention, a judge has recommended. Sgt. Frank Wuterich was one of eight marines charged over the killing at Haditha. Among the dead were women, children, and elderly, including a man in a wheelchair. His former squad members testified during the hearings that they were not fired upon nor did they find any weapons at the scene of the killings. The charges against all of them were dropped or dismissed and one was acquitted (January 24, 2012).

This is our current world, a corrupt, cruel, and criminal system under dominant Capitalism.

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Fall 2011 - Brief Stories

December 20th 2011

Last week we had two scandalous reports about the three leading “proud” capitalist countries of the world: UK, France, and the U.S.A.

The first report by the National Union of Students (UK) states that: Great numbers of students in England are turning to prostitution to fund their education fees (BBC News, December 14, 2011).

In addition, Kingston University’s 2010 research found that 16 percent of students would consider working in the sex industry. More and more students are turning to prostitution to pay for their student fees in the U.K. and France.

The same research study suggests that over the past 6 years, there has been a 50% rise in the numbers of students turning into prostitution ( & The Independent).

In the second report we learn that squeezed by the rising living costs, a record number of Americans-nearly 1 in 2 have fallen into poverty or are scraping by on earnings that classify them as low income (Census, Associated Press, 15 December, 2011). In the same report, Sheldon Danziger, University of Michigan’s public policy professor, who specializes in poverty says: “the reality is that prospect for the poor and the near poor are dismal”… Furthermore, in the same study, Mayor Sly James of Kansas City, Mo., who co-chairs a mayors' task force on hunger and homelessness maintains that “People who never thought they would need food are in need of help".

The reality of the matter is that, if the 3 leading capitalist countries cannot provide a decent life for their own citizens, which capitalist system can offer this? The truth is that this dominant economic system is decaying and there will be no decent way of life for the majority, in a decaying system!!

November 20th 2011

Just on the 2nd month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, we had an alarming census about children’s lives in the United States of America. According to the U.S. Census more than 1 in 5 U.S. children are poor (November 17th 2011, Reuters).

The Census survey which was conducted in 2010 states that 21.6% of children across the U.S. were poor compared to 20% in 2009. In other words the number of children considered poor rose by 1 million in 2010. The report shows that the number of people living in poverty has reached an all-time high in the United States, despite the country’s position, as one of the wealthiest in the world; the richest imperialist country which grabs the lion shares of all exploitations around the globe.

It is interesting that about one out of every three children in poverty lived in one of the four most populous & rich states of the country, fared worst than in others. Put in plain words, there were two million children in poverty in California, followed by Texas, where 1.8 million children were considered poor. Slightly less than one million children lived in poverty in Florida and the same number in the New York state.

Texas is Governor Rick Perry’s state. He is a Republican presidential nominee, a prominent Christian and a major investor in America’s largest pornography distributor, the Movie Gallery (August 21, 2011, Daily Mail). Rick Perry has blatantly defended his “economic miracle” in the state of Texas.

To date, thousands of Occupy Wall Street Movement protestors have marched across the U.S. demanding social justice, democracy, and peace. The Movement is growing day by day in the U.S. and around the world. This is the right struggle in the right time, since the movement is challenging the root cause of continuous deepening of human misery: Capitalism

Now, for a lively conclusion let us read a powerful statement from Occupy Wall Street Movement

You control our world. You’ve poisoned the air we breath, contaminated the water we drink, and copyrighted the food we eat. We fight in your wars, die for your causes, and sacrifice our freedoms to protect you. You’ve liquidated our savings, destroyed our middle class, and used our tax dollars to bailout your unending greed. We are slaves to your corporations, zombies to your airwaves, and servants to your decadence. You’ve stolen our elections, assassinated our leaders, and abolished our basic rights as human beings. You own our property, shipped away our jobs, and shredded our unions. You’ve profited off of disaster, destabilized our currencies, and raised our cost of living. You’ve monopolized our freedom, stripped away our education, and have almost extinguished our flame. We are hit, we are bleeding… but we don’t have time to bleed. We will bring the giants to their knees and you will witness our revolution. Now get out of the way!

October 28th 2011

On October 21st 2011, US President Obama said that all troops in Iraq will return home by the end of this year. This is simply a lie, as thousands of security contractors paid by the State Department will stay in Iraq for at least another five years.

Apparently they will be staying in Iraq to protect more than 10,000 US “Diplomats”: the largest diplomatic presence in the world. Multiple security firms – private armies – already have signed lucrative contracts with the State Department to provide services in Iraq: Triple Canopy security firm ($1.53 billion); SOC incorporated ($974 million); and Global Strategies group ($401 million).

President Obama’s announcement came just one day after the lynching of war prisoners Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mutassim in Libya by the US and NATO mercenaries. What has happened in the Oil rich countries like Iraq, Libya, and potentially rich Afghanistan were acts of daylight robberies and not humanitarian missions. Millions of civilians were killed or maimed, cities and infrastructures destroyed only for the benefit of the war profiteers, the imperialists. These acts are against the Geneva Conventions and the perpetrators must be tried at the International Criminal Court.

It’s clearly noticeable that even though the imperialist powers are attacking and occupying sovereign states to steal their natural resources, the living condition of the ordinary citizens and the working class has been deteriorating massively.

That is why unemployment is rampant, social services are vanishing and homelessness is intensifying. That is why the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer by the day. That is why nobody cares and listens to the people. That is why any resistance against these overwhelming injustices is silenced by force in the face of the blind and corrupt mainstream media. That is why a police state has been put in place.

It is although fortunate that oppressed peoples are awakening all around the world. The struggle to build a better world is spreading in an astonishing pace, from Latin America to North Africa and Middle East and from Europe to North America.

The New York Occupy Wall Street Movement which started on September 17th 2011 has replicated itself across the United States and overseas. It is growing continuously and provides enormous hope and aspiration all around the globe.

Cooperation and building a united front between these anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and pro-democracy movements means victory.

And victory means political, economic, and social democracy for all.

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Summer 2011 - Brief Stories

July 22nd 2011

Sean Hoare, whistle-blower of the News of the World found dead in his room on July 18, 2011. He was ex-journalist of the News of the World, who “had told the New York Times hacking was far more extensive than the paper acknowledged when police first investigated hacking claims” (BBC News, 19 July, 2011).

News of the World was a national tabloid newspaper published in the U.K, and was the best selling English language newspaper in the world. It is itself a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s global News Corporation, the second-largest media conglomerate only after the Walt Disney Company.

Murdoch’s media conglomerate hacked the phones of thousands of people, including murdered children’s families, grieving families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, celebrities, politicians, and every news-maker who could pour huge amounts of money to its insatiable pocket. It bribed police officers, destroying evidence of crimes, and threatening politicians (The Lede, New York Times, July 12, 2011). For instance, stole a prime minister’s bank information and harassed him for 10 years.

Rupert Murdoch’s empire corrupt and controls democracies by pushing politicians to back its extremist ideas (imperialist agendas’) on war, torture, and destruction of the environment, for profit. It helped the “election” of G. W. Bush, and most of the U.S. Republican presidential candidates of 2012 are actually on its payroll (Huffington Post, 27 September 2010).

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Network spread lies and falsifications to encourage the wars on Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. It supports recent war on Libya, and possibly on Syria to meddle and sacrifice their peoples’ struggles for democracy. It promoted the culture of hate and spawned the pro-fascist Tea Party.

Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate is a part of a complete imperialist system, and hence these crimes are only the tip of the iceberg.

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Spring 2011 - Brief Stories

April 14th 2011

April 11, 2011 events in Ivory Coast, reminded us of another coup d’état, which was orchestrated by US imperialism against Haiti president Aristide in February 2004.

This time French forces attacked president Laurent Gbagbo’s residence, detained him and his wife Simone, under the name of UN and Ouattara “Forces”. The pretext was a disputed election in November 2010, which took place under French occupation. President Gbagbo challenged the vote count, alleged fraud, and refused to stand down.

His rival Alassane Ouattara was an assistant managing director of IMF in the 1980s and again in 1990s. He was prime minister of Ivory Coast from November 1990 to December 1993. While serving as PM, Ouattara carried out presidential duties for a total of one and half years, when the cruel and corrupt dictator F.H. Boigny became sick. During their rule Ivory Coast was a neo-colony of French Imperialism.

Ouattara is a Muslim from the north, married Dominique, a French Jew, in a 1990 wedding ceremony officiated by the mayor of Neuilly-Sur-Seine, Nicolas Sarkozy (current president of France).

In the other hand Gbagbo a trade unionist and a history teacher, was one of the leading opponents of dictator Boigny. He was the only candidate to stand against Boigny after the introduction of multiparty system in 1990. Finally Gbagbo was elected as the president of Ivory Coast in October 2000. He decided to nationalize the country’s assets and resources and above all the cocoa production, as Aristide had decided to do in Haiti. Consequently to prevent Gbagbo from carrying out his agenda, a rebellion was fostered in the north of the country, followed by civil war and French occupation under the flag of United Nations.

It is interesting to know that the UN under-Secretary-General for “Peacekeeping Operations”, imperialist forces under the flag of UN, is Alain Le Roy, a French national who served as UN diplomat in the Republic of Macedonia, in Sarajevo, in Kosovo, and in DR Congo. He has played a destructive role there, with dire consequences. For instance, Kosovo has become a haven for body organ traffickers, drug smugglers and Women sex traffickers.

It is not surprising that with Alain Le Roy, as commander in chief, French imperialists are so adamant in helping “civilian” lives in Libya. Democracy in Ivory Coast and civilian lives in Libya mean cocoa and oil in the dictionary of imperialists. These assaults are pre-planed and these killing fields can not save the exploiting system.

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Winter 2011 - Brief Stories

March 01st 2011

Powerful revolutionary uprisings are sweeping in astonishing paces through North Africa and the Middle East and are energising the workers’ struggle for their rights around the world and even in the United States of America. The protests were sparked by the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi on December 17th, 2010. He was a 26 years old unemployed Tunisian with a computer science degree, a street vendor who had his cart confiscated, was harassed and humiliated by a municipal official and her aids because he did not have a license to sell fruits and vegetables.

The demonstrations for democracy, human rights and decent living conditions were backed by the workers’ strikes turned to riots and revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. These revolts are spreading rapidly through Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia, occupied Iraq, Oman and so on. As well, they rejuvenated the regressed Iran’s Green Movement for democracy and social justice.

These rebellions are the right responses of hundreds of millions of unemployed desperate, and hungry young people against criminality, cruelty and corruption of capitalist systems and their puppet regimes all over the planet. But it is worthy to mention that during the social upheavals all classes, sub-classes, and all groups become active to protect their benefits, to take back their lost privileges, and of course it is the working class and the deprived people who struggle to gain their rights as human beings. It is obvious that the past and present ruling classes, that are few in numbers, recruit their foot-soldiers from destitute people through propaganda and deception.

People have to be vigilant against imperialists and reactionary forces’ interventions and military invasions. They have to be vigilant against installing new puppet regimes under the names of “democracy” and “freedom”.

Jobs, housing, free healthcare and free education are rights and not privileges. Without those achievements not a single day will pass without human misery and bloodshed.

People have to continue their revolutions until they become irreversible, until the end of exploitation of man by man!

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Fall 2010 - Brief Stories

December 06th 2010

About 11 months ago, on January 12, 2010 a catastrophic earthquake devastated a big part of Haiti. Officially up to 300’000 people were killed and 1.5 million people left homeless.

Millions of dollars were collected to help Haiti. On March 2010, foreign donor pledged $ 10 billion over 10 year’s period for the rebuilding of that country. But money does not show-up except for expenditure of millions of dollars for a rigged presidential election which took place on November 28 2010.

It is not surprising that more than one million people are still living in makeshift camps. There is no access to clean water and sanitary toilets, there are severe shortages of hospitals and medical clinics, even the rubbles are not collected.

In these appalling conditions everybody could predict an outbreak of infectious diseases, especially cholera. And it happened while the main stream media puts the blame on the shoulders of the poor Haitians.

According to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: Health officials now estimated that 650’000 people could become infected with cholera over the next six months. He also said that the UN believed the number of deaths could be twice as high as the official figure of 1’800, (from a report by BBC News, Dec 03, 2010)

Immediately after the quake 10’000 US troops occupied this country again for the sake of maintaining giant international corporations’ exploitation. This action reminds us of one of the previous US occupations of Haiti from 1913-1934, during which the country was plundered to the end by the US imperialism. As an example, the financial giant, City-group’s early major bulk of assets came from the pillage of Haitian Central Bank. In another event Haiti was forced to pay its former colonial power France, 90 million gold francs in past independence reparation from 1825-1947.

Haiti is not a poor country, its poverty is the result of its unrelenting exploitation, what Haiti needs is an end to occupation, an end to imperialists’ interferences. Let the people decide by themselves.

October 04th 2010

The US government deliberately infected hundreds of mentally ill patients and prisoners in Guatemala with gonorrhoea and syphilis as part of medical tests more than 60 years ago. (From a report by BBC News, October 1, 2010)

The experiment took place between 1946 and 1948. All of the nearly 700 subjects were not aware of the tests. The doctors used prostitutes with syphilis, or inoculations to infect them.

The Guatemalan study, which was never published, was discovered by Susan Reverby, a historian at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, as she examined another infamous medical research, the Tuskegee experiment of syphilis (1932-72) on poor African-American men without their consent.

This appalling discovery also reminds us of the Nazi experiments on prisoners at the time of the Tuskegee study, and a few years earlier than the Guatemalan research.

These experiments not only undermine ethics in medical studies, but also uncover blatant behaviours of the ruling class towards the poor and the oppressed peoples at home and abroad. It shows us how a class society tramples the basic rights of human-beings.

Both cases compelled the US government to apologize, but is an apology a remedy for those shattered lives? How many more years will have to pass until we get other apologies for the present criminal acts?

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Summer 2010 - Brief Stories

September 07th 2010

A report published by the New York-based Human Rights Watch says, European companies are exploiting America’s weak labour laws to suppress unions (The Independent, 2 September 2010).

The Human Rights Watch says, European multinationals talk nicely about labour relations at home, but pay scant regard to them overseas. Multinationals have created an anti-union atmosphere, and employees who want to organize union activities live in fear for their jobs.

These companies amongst others include: Fresh & Easy (Tesco), the security firm Group 4 Securicor from the UK; along with multinationals T-Mobile and DHL from Germany; and the industrial giant Saint-Gobain from France.

The Human Rights Watch declares that their report is based on interviews with workers, employees’ legal testimonies, findings of US arbitration panels, company documents, and written exchanges with company management.

Human Rights Watch claimed that T-Mobile had characterized employees’ “talking about rights” as dangerous activity to be reported immediately to management. DHL managers threatened and discriminated against workers who engaged in Union activity.

As we see “talking about rights” is considered as a dangerous activity in the middle of the day in the United States of America. This is a reality, right now, that is happening in the so-called land of freedom and harbinger of democracy around the world.

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Spring 2010 - Brief Stories

June 05th 2010

In the early morning of May 31st 2010, Israeli commandos went after the international Gaza aid flotilla of 6 ships in the high seas, killing at least nine volunteers (mostly from Turkey), wounding many, robbing and abducting others in the very eyes of the international community.

About 700 peaceful volunteers from 50 countries were bringing 10,000 tonnes of medicine and other vital materials for the 1.5 million besieged Gazans.

Gaza Palestinians are under siege by the Israeli government for more than 3 years. According to United Nation’s reports, the living condition of the entire nation in Gaza is dire and catastrophic.

As we should know, this was not the first and will not be the last savagery, state piracy, and state terrorism of a rude atomic-armed country called Israel. So what allows Israel to be this much arrogant and heedless towards the will and opinion of the world community? What makes Israel persisting in its criminality and trampling of international laws? What makes UN, US, EU and most of the “free” world leaders so impotent, even complicit and supportive towards these horrendous acts?

The fact is that, this overt act of state terrorism is part of a doctrine called pre-emptive war. Crisis creation is part of the same imperialist doctrine. Imperialism (the rule of finance-capital), Zionism and reactionary forces of the world maintain their existence by creating crises. The Zionists can hold Israelis together by causing crises and by putting them under constant fear of annihilation.

Most of the finance–capitalists or imperialist oligarchs are Zionists too! Through this, imperialism is mingled with Zionism.

April 14th 2010

Israeli military imposed an order that Palestinians will be deported from their homeland in the West Bank as “infiltrators”. These people include Gazans and other Palestinian refugees born outside the West Bank and not having right Israeli paperwork. Under the military order, deportations from the West Bank can be carried out within 72 hours. (From a report by BBC News, April 12, 2010)

This is a shameless act that only happens in a rabid global imperialistic system. These deportations take place under different silly pretexts. The deportees will face 7 years of prison terms in some cases and all have to pay for the costs of their deportation.

Freedom and social justice for The Palestinians and other oppressed nations is not achievable through the religious and nationalistic conflicts and wars. The liberating struggle is between exploited and exploiters, the oppressed peoples and the imperialism.

Unity and friendship between oppressed Palestinians and their natural allies, the Israeli toilers and workers will herald peace and prosperity in the Middle East. There is no other way.

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Winter 2010 - Brief Stories

March 7th 2010

On March 4th 2010, there were two news reports that should concern everybody about the dangers facing, not only human safety and well-being, but the continuation of life on the planet itself, dangers which are directly related to greed.

First, “The introduction of a genetically modified potato in Europe risks the development of human diseases that fail to respond to antibiotics.” The starchy GM potato, Amflora is planted for massive industrial use, with parts of the tuber fed to the cattle. “Amflora contains a gene that produces an enzyme which generally confers resistance to several antibiotics, including kanamycin, neomycin, butirosin, and gentamycin.”

Antibiotics are extremely important to treat otherwise multi-resistant infections and tuberculosis, however drug resistant infections will jeopardize the lives of humans and animals and will lead to the emergence of monstrous organisms. Bacteria inside the guts of animals fed the GM potato – which can cause human diseases – may develop resistance to antibiotics. Furthermore, this will contaminate the water and soil used by humans. (

Secondly, news reported by the BBC, we read and watch “Doctors in the Iraqi city of Fallujah are reporting high levels of birth defects, with some due to weapons used by the US after the Iraq invasion.” Doctor Samira al-Ani said “She was seeing as many as two or three cases a day, mainly cardiac defects.” But the video shows defected limbs, brain damaged and paralyzed children as well. The defects jumped to a high level since the 2004 fierce US attack on Fallujah. The surrounding water and soil are poisoned and radioactive contaminated.

Both cases are directly related to greed and greed is engendered in the dominant capitalist economic system!

February 27th 2010

The United States has unveiled plans for its new $1 billion high-security embassy in London; the most expensive it has ever built. (, Feb. 24, 2010)

All of this lavish spending is happening at a time of a protracted recession! All of this is happening during a time of endless debates between different branches of the US government to go up against providing a decent healthcare to all of its citizens! United States is the richest of all Western industrialized countries and the only one without a universal healthcare for all of its citizens. (From a report by BBC News, Feb. 25, 2010)

All of this is happening while “About one in six US adults are without health insurance”, (, July 22, 2009), and the insured are the subject of constant bullying by the insurance companies!

And all of this is happening when “There were 744,000, homeless people in the US in 2005, according to the first national estimate in a decade.” (msnbc, Jan. 10, 2007), and of course the number is rapidly rising in this time of great recession.

People have to ask their government why?

January 21st 2010

It has emerged that coded references to biblical passages are widely used by the US and UK military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Trijicon, the US-based manufacturer, was founded by a devout Christian and says that it runs to “Biblical standards”.

Versions of Trijicon’s Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (Acog) are used by the US Special Operations Forces, the US Marine Corps and the US Army.

Britain’s Ministry of Defence has just ordered 480 Acog sights for use on its new Sharpshooter rifles – to be used by the troops in Afghanistan. Other versions of the Acog sight are “widely in service”, the ministry says.

The US Defence Department is a major customer of Trijicon, signing deals for $66 million of the company’s products in 2009 alone.

One of the biblical passages reads: “For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.” (BBC News, 19 January 2010)

During the same day, we read in other news that three Guantanamo Bay inmates, whom according to a report by the US Navy died, after all three committed suicide on the same day, in June 2006, in fact died from inflicted suffocation during interrogation sessions, a US magazine has claimed. (, 19 January 2010).

In its March edition, the Harper magazine, which has already posted the article by contributing Editor Scott Horton on its web site, bases its conclusion on an examination of portions of Navy reports that were declassified and anonymous interviews with prison guards. “The cover-up is amazing in its audacity, and it is continuing into the Obama administration,” Mr. Horton contended.

Back to the Trijicon’s story, we read on this company’s website: “We believe that America is great when its people are good. This goodness has been based on biblical standards throughout our history and we will strive to follow those morals.”

January 11th 2010

In an unusual move, a committee of the Islamic Parliament of Iran - which is controlled by the conservatives - has made an official criticism of the treatment of the opposition detainees held in the Kahrizak Detention Center, in the wake of the June 12th 2009 disputed presidential election.

According to the report, 147 detainees were kept in one room, with poor food, excessive heat, and poor ventilation. Three detainees died because of bad conditions and as a result of physical attacks.

Even if the reformist members of the parliament believe that the report is a positive move they believe that it is far from complete (BBC News, January10, 2010).

The report does not satisfy the reformist leaders and the Iranian public. It does not deal enough with the brutal treatment of the prisoners; leaving them in containers in hot weather without water, food, toilet accessibility for days, beating them to death and even raping them.

Kahrizak was not and is not the only horrifying Abu Ghraib like detention center. Right now more than 500 detainees are held only in Eshrat Abad Camp, Tehran, which is believed to be even worse that the notorious Kahrizak.

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Fall 2009 - Brief Stories

November 22nd 2009

Recently we had horrifying news; according to BBC News, on November 20th 2009, police in Peru arrested several suspected members of a criminal gang who allegedly killed many people to extract their body fat for sale.

Their victims were local farmers of the remote Andes Mountains, lured in purpose of work, only to be murdered and their body to become the subject of a gruesome extraction process.

The human fat is sent to another gang in Italy to be then sold to the cosmetic industry in Europe.

This fat was processed for very profitable anti-wrinkle treatments.

We are not yet sure if these supplies were requested by the beauty industry or not, but what we are sure about is that with the capitalist system, there is no end to crime on one side and to suffering, anguish and pain of man kind on the other.

October 31st 2009

According to a report by AFP, BBC (Oct. 26, 2009), in a new FBI raid, 52 children were rescued in the previous 72 hours in 36 US cities from a prostitution ring.

Most of those rescued were girls under 18 with the youngest just 10 years old. The raid was part of a larger FBI operation which has so far recovered nearly 900 children from prostitution.

The FBI said that information provided by those arrested in such raids often uncovered organised prostitution ring and could lead to further rescues.

Kevin Perkins, the Assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Division, said that despite recent success, child prostitution remained “a significant problem” in the US.

Ernie Allen, president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, welcomed the arrests of hundreds of people, including 60 pimps who had been forcing the children into prostitution to make money. … They are using kids as commodities for sale and trade.

We are not talking about underdeveloped countries; these tragedies are happening in the United States of America, the richest and most developed country in the world, the cradle and the model of capitalism. With capitalism as an economic system, based on exploitation and profit, the problem will continues and will be worsen day by day, as seen many times before and this will not be last.

September 30th 2009

Getting rid of toxic wastes especially nuclear waste is expensive and not financially beneficial for big competitive companies.

The cheapest way is to dump it by doing business with an already bidding mafia. In its own turn, to cut its expenses, the mafia found the simplest way. It sunk the vessels, more than 30 of them, not far from their originating factories just in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. To eliminate witnesses and to avoid future troubles; the costs of courts and the inconvenience of persecution, the mafia sunk the vessels with their crews.

What you are reading is neither imaginary nor a joke. It is real and was reported on September 25th 2009 by BBC News. An informant from the Calabrian mafia told investigators that the ship was one of a number of vessels he blew up as part of an illegal operation to bypass laws on toxic waste disposal. One of the crafts lies in 500m depth, 30 km off the south-western coast of Italy and there are at least two dead bodies on board.

It is not breaking news, over the past few decades Greenpeace and others have compiled lists of ships that have disappeared off the coast of Italy and Greece.

What happened to the role of governments in protecting societies and the environment?

The capitalist governments’ real responsibilities lie in safeguarding the profits of corporations by any cost, even if it means putting an end to the human race and the destruction of the planet.

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Summer 2009 - Brief Stories

July 24th 2009

In her remarks on July 22nd 2009 in Thailand, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledges to protect Persian Gulf allies if Tehran attempts to intimidate neighbors by atomic bombs.

This statement has a few goals:

  1. It recognizes the Coup d'etat in Iran and its government, as an established rigid regime with no prospect of change or downfall.
  2. By heightening the tensions, the Iranian Coup Regime provides the best pretext for imperialism to continue its presence in the region.
  3. Selling billions of dollars of arms to the region’s oil-rich countries.
  4. Support the despotic, corrupt, puppet regimes in the region.
  5. It will give Israel enough reasons to perpetuate its occupation and continue its aggressions against its neighbors.
  6. By continuation of its role as innocent, Israel will drain billions of dollars of American tax-payers money each year, through the endless well of Finance-Military Complex.
  7. It is all about dirty business and greed of imperialism, as was the reason behind the recent Coup d’etat in Honduras.

It is obvious that the presence of a democratic government in Iran is not only contagious but also incompatible with all these evil imperialist plans.

June 28th 2009

On May 8th 2002, just after M. Chirac won a second term as president of France, a bomb exploded in Karachi, Pakistan beside a bus transporting French shipyard workers. These workers were assembling one of the three agosta submarines sold to Pakistan in 1994.

In this explosion, eleven French workers and three Pakistanis were killed. At that time, both Pakistani and French authorities blamed Islamists close to al-Quaida for the carnage. This claim was based on the confession of militant Asif Zaheer-possibly under torture. Asif Zaheer’s conviction in 2003 was quashed on appeal last month.

Now the lawyers for the French victims’ families believe the attack, was in fact part of a web of financial chicanery and political manoeuvring which may yet severely embarrass senior figures, including French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his Pakistani counterpart Asif Ali Zardari.

Two investigating judges, Marc Trevidic and Yves Jannier believe unknown figures in Pakistani establishment may have fomented the attack in retaliation for the non-payment of the about $100 million in sweeteners promised to senior officials when Pakistan bought these submarines.

These payments were blocked by Chirac to prevent kick-backs to the presidential campaign of Edouard Balladur - his 1995 presidential competitor.

During that period, M. Sarkozy was the budget minister. According to the Agence France Presse, a large part of the “commission” was paid out before M. Chirac’s intervention. The “commission” had already been “distributed” by the then Pakistani investment minister, Asif Ali Zardari, husband of the late Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, (By a report from, June 26, 2009).

Another example of overt corruption in the capitalist systems.

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Spring 2009 - Brief Stories

May 31st 2009

On May 25, 2009, a report about the depth of German poverty was published on the

The report reveals that, the wealth imbalance in Germany isn’t just between east and west; there are also large regional differences between the country’s north and south. And across the country there are pockets of poverty more crushing than the most Germans realized- and it’s only getting worse. The massive gap between rich and poor doesn’t only exist between regions, but within the regions, too.

In eastern Germany, for example, the average poverty rate is around 20%, with up to 27% of people in one area, Vorpommern (Chancellor Angela Merkel’s home state), living below the poverty line. North Bavaria, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, North Rhine Westphalia and Rhineland Palatinate, have a poverty rate of around 15%.

It is estimated that there are more than 3 million German children living in poverty; in Berlin alone, up to 36% of all children are poor. The numbers are even higher, because “people who claim state benefits are stigmatized by society” says Bernd Siggelkow a pastor who runs the Arche project in Berlin to help children in need.

This is the plight of the people in the world’s third biggest economy. This plight is even worse in the world’s second biggest economy (Japan); and even worst in the world’s first biggest economy (USA).

The question is, do the biggest and richest economies improve the living standards of their own citizens in capitalist countries? And how long must people wait to be prosperous under the rule of the highly developed capitalist systems?

April 19th 2009

Finally on April 16, 2009, the classified CIA documents about the use of torture on detainees were released.

The legal memorandum for the CIA, prepared by Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee, reviewed 10 enhanced techniques for interrogating Zubaydah, and determined that none of them constituted torture under US criminal law. The techniques were: attention grasp, walling (hitting a detainee against a flexible wall), facial hold, facial slap, cramped confinement, wall standing, stress positions, sleep deprivation, insects placed in a confinement box, and water boarding.”(

Released white House memos also provide new insight into claims that American agents used insects to torture the young children of alleged 9/11 mastermind khalid Shiekh Mohammed into revealing father’s whereabouts.

But the fact is that the use of torture (including the use of animals like dogs as we saw in the case of Abu Ghraib) is not confined only to the G. W. Bush era.

Imperialists, colonialists, and exploiters always have used these techniques to crush any resistance against their rules.

About one hundred years ago Mark Twain exposed and condemned the use of torture by the American forces (A Defence of General Funston, 1902). And the School of Americas – established in 1946 in Panama, then relocated to Fort Benning, Georgia in 1984 – along with other similar facilities trained and are continuing to train thousands of torturers for their puppet regimes in Latin America and other parts of the world.

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Winter 2009 - Brief Stories

March 19th 2009

Today’s hot news is that insurance giant AIG, which has received more than $170bn in bailout (subsidies), is paying $165m bonuses to its executives.

AIG also acknowledged that more than half of this taxpayers’ money has been paid to investment firm Goldman Sachs- formerly led by Henry Paulson, who was treasury secretary at the time of the original AIG bailout – and several European banks (March 16, 2009,

In another report by Reuters, Citigroup Inc., awarded chief executive Vikram Pandit  $10.82m of compensation in 2008, a year when the government propped up the bank with $45 billion of capital (March 16, 2009).

In the face of public uproar against the $10bn executive bonuses, in a letter to congressmen, Timothy Geithner (new treasury secretary who evaded his past taxes) said $165m would be taken from $30bn the firm is due to get as part of its government bailout.  (BBC, March 18, 2009).

What a ridiculous solution! And what about Bank of America that gave bonuses to Merrill Lynch & Co high ranks- before buying it in January 1- then requested for government subsidies?

 These are only the tip of iceberg. When people are facing poverty, homelessness, unemployment and shoddy healthcare, their money is injected into the financial blackholes.

Why?  Because in an imperialist system, the real rulers are finance-capitalists, not the people, otherwise their government would have nationalized these corporations and put their assets under the possession of the public, for the benefit of the people.

February 1st 2009

As silly talks in the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland continue, nearly all reports from the IMF, the World Bank and various imperialist think-tanks are predicting a dismal future for the global economy; a dire condition which will affect the lives of workers and the majority of peoples all around the world.

Many banks and different corporations are making layoffs. For instance: Pfizer/Wyeth 20,000 jobs, Caterpillar 20,000, Sprint Nextel 8,000, ING 7,000, and the list goes on.

According to the International Labor Organization, a UN agency, unemployment could rise to 230 million globally in 2009 – only in the developed countries.

Despite the fact that the factories, the resources and the workforces are the same as before, why are we facing such a catastrophic situation? The answer is that the governing system is failing.

The domino effect of the finance-Capital meltdown will affect all spectrums of the economy and of course the entire political and social life.

It is vital to know that the less severe Economic Depression of the 1930s was finally fixed by the biggest, bloodiest and the most devastating war of all times, World War II.

At the same time, the ninth World Social Forum held in the Brazilian city of Belem sent a message to Davos “Another World is Possible”.

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Fall 2008 - Brief Stories

November 22nd 2008

The world’s second largest economy, Japan slipped into recession this week.  More than a third of its workforce is employed part time.  Japan is experiencing growing inequalities and economic insecurities never seen in recent memories.  Millions of young Japanese are pessimistic about the future under capitalism.  They are looking for answers, thus turning to Karl Marx’s writings.  One hundred forty years after Marx’s Das Kapital release, it is coming back again forcefully.

Treatise on capitalism is to be turned into magna comic.  The comic is expected to be a bestseller. (From a report by Independent, U.K., November 20, 2008)

In the world’s third largest economy, Germany, the condition is the same as in Japan.  The recession, here too, turned the people to Marx’s Das Capital to find why this is happening.  This trend is more visible in eastern Germany where 14 per cent of the workforces are unemployed.  So far this year the number of Das Kapital copies sold, are 3 times that of 2007 and a hundred fold increase since 1990.  (From a report by the Independent, U.K., October 17, 2008)

Marx predicted that capitalism would crumble under the weight of its own contradictions.

November 3rd 2008

Early this year, 11 young men from a poor Bogotá suburb were kidnapped or lured by military with the promise of work, then killed in combat zones to exaggerate army performance against leftist rebels.

The scandal broke last month after the 11 civilian’s bodies are found in mass graves in north-eastern Colombia in August and September.

The crime was so appalling that even the criminal U.S. puppet president of Colombia Alvaro Uribe, called for an “investigation”.

Sources in the attorney general’s office said, hundreds of soldiers were under investigation in similar cases. (From a report by BBC News, October 25, 2008)

In the dawn of the 21st Century, what kind of world are we living in?

This brute world must be changed!

October 26th 2008

The worst crisis in the history of capitalism is now on the move. The Finance-Capitalist regimes of the developed countries are injecting billions of dollars to the failing banks around the world. These billions of the tax-payers moneys are evaporated like bursting bubbles in the air.

Of course this instinctive act of rewarding the banks is certainly expected from Finance-Capitalists, the imperialists. But what discloses the malice of imperialism is that instead of helping those millions of crisis stricken peoples, governments are even cutting what is known as the social benefits in these societies.

The Irish Prime Minister announces an end to the system of free medical cards for the over-70s, triggering anxiety among elderly Irish population. (Independent, October 20, 2008).

Plans to allow 4.5 million parents to work flexibly are to be delayed by the government (of U.K.), as it searches for ways to help businesses survive the economic downturn. (Independent, October 20, 2008).

According to a report by the Scientific American "fewer prescriptions filled as economy worsens", (October, 22, 2008). Americans have to choose between fuel, food and medication.

True face of the cruel and corrupt system.

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Summer 2008 - Brief Stories

September 15th 2008

Recently, we had two repulsive news reported by the associated press.  The first report on September 10, 2008, reveals that less than two months into the job in the oilfields of West Texas, Brandon Garret 23, was sliced in half by a motorized spool of steel cable as he and other roughnecks struggled to get a drilling rig up and running …Deaths among those working in the nation’s oil and gas fields have risen at an alarming rate (7 times the average for all occupations).

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least 598 workers have died on the job between 2002 and 2007.

During that period, the number of deaths per year rose by around 70 percent.

Some of the workers work 12 hours a shift and labor up to 14 days in a row.  Now, with prices over $100 a barrel, many drilling companies are hiring workers with little or no experience, no training and there is no safety standards.

 On the same day, another report says that, oil companies: Chevron, Shell, Hess Corp. and Gary-Williams Energy Corp. were gift givers to U.S. government brokers responsible for collecting billions of dollars in federal oil royalties - the U.S. taxpayers’ money.

Inspector general Earl E-Devany, while down playing the problem, alleged that one-third of the employees of the MMS Oil Marketing Group Royalty in Kind (RIK) program in Denver, “Socialized with, and accepted a wide array of gifts (including sex) and gratuities from oil gas companies with whom RIK was conducting official business.

As the companies become richer, they become greedier, more cruel and corrupt.  This is the essence of the highest stage of capitalism, imperialism.

September 1st 2008

According to the Associated Press, the families of 12 Nepali men killed by Iraqi ‘insurgents’ have filed a federal lawsuit on August 27th 2008. They are accusing the U.S. military defense contractor KBR Inc. and Daoud & Partner, a Jordanian subcontractor of human trafficking, saying the men were sent to work in Iraq against their will after being promised jobs in a posh hotel in Jordan.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court alleges the workers were being taken to work at Al Asad U.S. Air Base in 2004 when ‘insurgents’ intercepted their caravan and beheaded them days later.

Buddi Prasad Gurung, the Nepali worker, whose car survived the attack, is also a plaintiff. Now back in Nepal, claims he was forced to work at the base as a warehouse loader for 15 months.

According to the lawsuit, passports of the 13 Nepali men were seized and were sent to Iraq forcefully.

Agnieszka Fryszman, attorney for the plaintiffs, said “the men came from poor families that went in to debt to send them abroad to work and were pushed deeper into poverty when they were killed”.

“It seemed there were a number of different recruiters and different contractors but they all seem to end at KBRs’ doorstep”, Fryszman said.

KBR formerly a subsidiary of Halliburton has ties with the Bush Administration, and Daoud and Partner cannot function in a country like Jordan without the consent of its rulers.

When it comes to profit, there is no end to a big firm’s criminal acts.

July 20th 2008

The first ever American Human Development Report launched on July 17, 2008, by Oxfam America, finds that although the US spends more per capita on health care than any other nation in the world (5.2 billion dollar daily), its citizens live shorter lives than citizens of virtually every western European and Nordic countries.

The US has a higher percentage of children living in poverty than any of the world’s richest countries. The US ranked 34th in the survival of infants to age. There are huge gaps in living standards and quality of life among different US states. The US ranked 42nd in global life expectancy. Some Americans are living anywhere from 30 to 50 years behind others when it comes to issues we all care about: health, education and standard of living.

Suicide and murder are among the top 15 causes of death in the US. Although the US has 5% of the global population, it contains 24 % of the world’s prisoners.

The report concludes that even though the US is one of the most powerful and rich nations in the world, it is woefully behind when it comes to providing opportunity and choices to all Americans to build a better life.

Despite an almost cult-like devotion to the belief that unfettered free enterprise is the best way to lift Americans out of poverty, the report points to a rigged system that does little to lessen inequalities.

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Spring 2008 - Brief Stories

June 1st 2008

The first of June is The International Children’s Day. But there is no time for celebration. The lives of millions of world’s children have never been as desperate and catastrophic as is now, in the turn of the 21st century.

As the result of new opportunities and advances in medicine, hundreds and possibly thousands of poor children are abducted and sold to organ harvesting schemes; As an example: in India (Asia News, January 7, 2007), in Philippines (pedestrianobserver, May 13, 2008), in Sudan, Chad (Africaresource, January 16, 2008), and many other places.

Thousands of poor children as young as six, exchange sex for food, even to the UN Aidworkers and Peacekeepers. In Ivory Coast, Southern Sudan, Haiti … Peacekeepers sexually abused and even gang raped children (BBC News, May 27, 2008).

Children are suffering and dying from hunger, malnutrition, child labor, wars and diseases by millions around the world. Sixty percent of Palestinian children are anemic due to Israeli occupation and siege (WHO, May 23, 2008).

In the US, thousands of children who lived in Katrina trailers were exposed to formaldehyde which is a health hazard and carcinogen. They were ignored by the authorities in spite of health warnings (Associated Press, May 27, 2008).

These recent shameful events are only parts of a long-lasting plight of our children under capitalism; Plights which will worsen day by day with the existence of this cruel and corrupt system.

May 10th 2008

Two appalling news were broadcasted this week in the media, which are alarming and an insult to the human race, as the most evolved species on this planet.

First, Human Rights Watch said that it has reviewed investigations carried out at the time, and that it believes that about 400 Serbs who went missing after the war in 1999, were taken from Kosovo into Albania by ethnic Albanians. HRW asserts that in Albania “doctors extracted the captives’ internal organs’’ to sell in the markets. It also affirms that the allegations are “serious and credible”. A claim that is supported by the Ex-war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, in her book, (BBC News, May 6th 2008).

The Kosovo Liberation Army is trained, supported and still is under the protection of imperialist powers, especially the U.S. Imperialism.

In the second news, Amnesty International has called for the role of the U.S. in Somalia to be investigated, following publication of a report accusing its allies of committing war crimes.

According to the report, based on the testimonies of refugees who have fled Somalia’s capital, in recent weeks, Ethiopian troops have killed civilians by slitting their throats.

Ethiopian and Somali forces were also accused of gang-raping women and attacking children.

A refugee, named Haboon, accuses Ethiopian troops of raping a neighbor’s 17-year-old daughter. When the girl’s brothers - aged 13 and 14 - tried to help her, Ethiopian soldiers gouged out their eyes with a bayonet.

U.S. troops trained Ethiopian forces involved in military operations in Somalia, and the U.S. government supplied military equipment to the Ethiopian military, (, May 7th 2008).

It is interesting that the new “state” of Kosovo and governments of Albania and Ethiopia are among a chain of imperialism’s imposed “democracies” around the world. These “democracies” heinous acts remind us of atrocities committed by German Nazis and Japanese militarists during WWII.

May 2nd 2008

According to the report broadcasted by the BBC on the 30th of April 2008: Doctors in Afghanistan say rates of some health problems affecting children have doubled in the last two years.

The Canada-based Uranium Medical Research Centre (UMRC) believes the cause might be depleted uranium.

UMRC found very high levels of uranium in Afghans during tests just after the invasion.

Doctors in Kabul and Kandahar showed data indicating that, premature birth and malformations including neural tube defects, malformation of limbs, small or larger than normal heads, or big masses on the back of babies have increased.

Asef Durakovic, UMRC president and a former US army adviser, believes that exposure to depleted uranium weapons may have brought a rise in birth defects as well as “symptoms of muscular-skeletal pains, Immune system disorders, lung disease, and eventually cancer,” in adults.

Villagers near the Tora Bora Mountains, scenes of a massive US bombardment, say “there was strange smell, and most of the trees here did not yield fruit.

This is only a paradigm of imperialism’s imposed “Democracy” on the world, in this case on Afghanistan, and if things continue in the same way, we will see more.

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Winter 2008 - Brief Stories

February 1st 2008

On January 27, 2008, General Suharto, the butcher of Indonesia, died in a tranquil hospital in Jakarta. He was buried the next day with full honor by his accomplices. Suharto took power in a 1965, CIA sponsored bloody coup. He used Islam to slaughter more than one million intellectuals, teachers, students and communist sympathizers to pave the way for the international corporations to plunder Indonesia. In 1975, with the approval of the US and UK imperialists, he invaded newly independent small island of East Timor and slaughtered more than one-third of its 600,000 population. As the president and chief of the army, Suharto was responsible for displacement and disappearance of millions of dissidents and peasants in Indonesia during his reign. As the imperialists pillaged the country, he, his family and the cronies robbed the nation and collected tens of billions of dollars. Yet the International Court of Justice is completely blind to them. The world is a very cruel and corrupt place. Only the organized peoples armed with progressive thoughts have the ability to change this evil for good.

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Fall 2007 - Brief Stories

November 24th 2007

The US Department of Agriculture says 12.6 million households nationwide, or more than 30 million people – 10% of the population – did not have enough food at some point in 2006.   In New York City 1.3 million people, one in six New Yorkers, can not afford enough food, with queues at soup kitchens getting longer, anti-poverty group says.

The New York City coalition against hunger says the number of people who use food pantries and soup kitchens in the city increased by 20% in 2007, quote from BBC News, November 21st, 2007.

Here we are talking about food as a basic need for life, not poverty as a whole.  If, 10% of the people do not have enough food in the richest capitalist country and the leading imperialist power of the world – The United States of America – and the problem is worsening, hence this economic system, capitalism, is a failed system.

November 19th 2007

A CBS News investigation about a suicide epidemic among veterans was broadcasted on November 13-14, 2007. This investigation, which provided the Agency with this data, disclosed that only in 2005, for example, there were at least 6,256 suicides among veterans in just 45 states. That’s one hundred and twenty veterans each and every week in just one year. What is revealed is stunning.

Knowing that things have gotten worse since 2005, and if this rate of approx. 6000/year is applicable through all 50 states from 2003 to 2007, we could have thousands of unaccounted deaths. It’s obvious that these numbers have to be added to the official numbers of US Military personnel killed in imperialist wars on Iraq and Afghanistan each year.

October 17th 2007

According to a study by the Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh published in the Saudi daily Okaz, more than 80,000 “street children” can be found at any one time in the six oil-rich Gulf Arab monarchies: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

The interior ministry announces almost daily arrests of beggars. Over the past five months, 15’000 of them, including around 2’700 Saudis, have been rounded up.

Child beggars have proliferated in Mecca and Medina, some maimed by traffickers to draw sympathy of Muslim faithful who flock to Islam’s holiest cities in Saudi Arabia,…

Officials fear the children could be exposed to sexual exploitation or sickness. (Dubai, AFP, October 12, 2007)

If such cruel and disgusting things are happening in the richest countries of the world and are worsening day by day, capitalism has failed as a system for the well-being of man kind!

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Summer 2007 - Brief Stories

September 17th 2007

Before the events of 9/11, 2001, the price of oil was $21 per barrel, and the average price of gas was $1.66 per gallon. After those events the price of oil and gas are increasing constantly. Today a barrel of oil costs about $80, and the average price of a gallon of gas is about $3.05, an increase of 83 per cent.

There were no significant changes in the amount of supply and demand during this period; even with no changes in supply, immediate demand for gas was lower due to the decrease in the number of flights. The Iraq invasion started in March 20th, 2003, and the Iraq’s oil export was already sanctioned by the U.N. Hurricane Katrina hit in the late August 2005, and both of these two events have nothing to do with the continuation of the ascending curve of oil prices. Here is the question to consider; other than the beneficiaries of these horrible events, who else is making profits from these terrorist acts?

September 4th 2007

On august 29, 2007, Associated Press reported that among thousands of contracts with the U.S. army – which may be tainted by waste, fraud and abuse – are contracts with KBR, former Halliburton subsidiary. This company has received billions of dollars of tax-payer’s money since 2001, to provide food and shelter services to U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. The reason behind such a privilege is that connections take the place of competition in the imperialist stage of capitalism and it is obvious that connection harbours corruption.

August 31st 2007

Growing corn to produce ethanol as a fuel for cars, not only does not reduce the amount of green-house gas emissions, but adds to the hardship lives of ordinary peoples.

Lands are used to grown higher price corn, instead of wheat and other grains. As a result the supply of foods to the people will reduce. Cattle and poultry will have less food, so the supply of meat, milk, and eggs will drop significantly. This problem will worsen by the increasing demands of the surging population day by day, and will raise the cost of everything. This is already happening, as BBC reported on August 24, 2007, that the price of wheat has increased 120 per cent since last August.

Capitalism is more concerned about feeding its cars than feeding the people and guarding the environment.

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Spring 2007 - Brief Stories

May 22nd 2007

Some of the US intellectuals who are suddenly awaken in the repulsive political scenes of recent years, say that we want our country back! We want our democracy back!

Maybe they are right, and it is due to the invasion of imperialism in every aspects of life, which has squeezed and pushed them down towards the low income strata of society, and caused them to feel this pain.

But since its creation and up to the era of James Monroe Doctrine; since the time of Mother Jones struggle against injustice and up to the era of McCarthyism; since the time of Truman Doctrine and to the era of Homeland Security fever, the USA has never been the country of the disadvantaged majority, nor was the birth place of democracy. Never in the history of mankind has a regime done so much harm to the human values of its own people. Never has a regime brought so much misery for the peoples all around the world and never has it destroyed their environment as the US imperialism is doing.

April 7th 2007

If the colonial powers and the early stage of imperialism fooled the people mostly by words and tricks of priests, muftis and mullahs, – as the British imperialism did in the past – contemporary imperialism headed by the US imperialism is so greedy and aggressive that it disgraces the Iraqis and the entire humanity in Abu Graibs, insults Persians, Greeks, Africans and Asians by its propaganda machine in ridiculous movies like 300. And in spite of that, expect them to be fooled, friendly and ready to be exploited and plundered to the end. And if that does not work, it uses its war machine and bombs them.

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Winter 2007 - Brief Stories

March 12th 2007

The tension between Shias and Sunnis in Iraq is completely an American doing, as other colonizing powers like the British imperialism have done in the past.

There had been no conflict between Shias and Sunnis in Iraq before the imperialist invasion.

The uprising of the Iraqi peoples, just after the first Persian Gulf War in1991, against Saddam’s Regime, was not a religious one. Both Arabs (Shia and Sunni) and Kurds (Shia and Sunni) were involved in those revolts.

Iraq is mostly a tribal society, which contain both factions. Furthermore, Shias and Sunnis have intermarried and the majority of the people are mixed. Just until recently many people did not know if they were Shia or Sunni, or even the difference between these two sects.

It is necessary to say that the same plots are planned for oil rich Iran, to divide this country between the different ethnics and religions in order to conquer it.

However, when a disturbance occurs in a body by a foreign object, the best cure is to remove it!

February 27th 2007

America is not yet ready to send a woman or an African-American to the White-House. The media’s big attention and aggrandizement of Senator Hillary Clinton and especially Senator Barack Obama, as the Democratic Party candidates, is a plot of imperialism’s think-tank, to select a Republican right-wing and pro-war individual even worse than G. W. Bush as the US President.

A trick to fulfill imperialism’s agenda of conquering more and more natural resources around the world, continue the business of war for the pockets of big companies, in the expense of the peoples blood and misery.

It would be different if the majority of the people of the U.S. wake-up, bypass these two governing parties, participate responsibly in their political life and show that, at least, they care about themselves, the well-being of their children and their future generations.

February 22nd 2007

One of the most ridiculous aspects of corporate media propaganda and imperialism’s politicians and Military men’s argument is that they start from the present situation or from the middle of an event or a process. For instance, Iraq’s is that we have to secure this country before we leave it. But, they do not say why this country became insecure in the first place; what happened in the beginning and why are they presently stuck there? Who installed Saddam and empowered his regime?

In the case of Afghanistan, they argue: we went there to help those people to have a peaceful and better life. But, they would never tell you what had happened in the beginning, at the time when the same powers did everything to destroy a progressive government which for the first time in the history of a backwarded country – with no history of any kind of election – did good things for the people. A government which was attacked by imperialist and reactionary forces six months before the Soviets were invited in 1979 to assist them. A government which resisted all out assault and the tricks of the American imperialism and other reactionary forces, for more than 2 years after the departure of the Soviet forces in 1989.

By this kind of argument these institutions underestimate the intelligence and memory of the society and hence insult the people.

January 6th 2007

In Iceland, which is one of the richest countries of the world, thousands of families live under the poverty line. Children go hungry to schools, and the people do not have enough clothes to protect themselves from the harsh winters of the country. Students drop out of school because of poverty. In this country a small minority is getting richer, while the majority are becoming poorer. (From a report by BBC News, December 29th, 2006).

Lack of opportunity, lay-offs and growing unemployment – the un-curable diseases of capitalism – are the main causes of poverty.

If life is miserable for many in Iceland, a Scandinavian country with the 7th highest GDP per capita in the world and only a population of 250’000, there isn’t any hope to have a decent and prosperous life in the other parts of the world under capitalism!

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Fall 2006 - Brief Stories

December 19th 2006

More than 250 million children work in the world. The worst is happening in the mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo. These mines which are running by the trans-national corporations, do not even give the children enough food to eat. A small amount of money is paid for six long days of work a week (a report by the BBC News, December 12, 2006).

The scenes from the reportage remind us of the Hollywood movie Spartacus, with the exception that here the slaves are young children suffering to death in the turn of 21st century.

December 18th 2006

30 years after the end of the Vietnam War, children are still born with genetic disorders. The Agent Orange which was used against the Vietnamese people contains dioxins that are very toxic. (BBC News, December 11, 2006).

We will have to wait and see what will be the consequences of the US and Israeli bombardments in the Afghanis, Iraqis and Lebanese future generations.

November 24th 2006

Why is there so much ado about the loss of lives in Darfur, and almost nothing is heard through the media about the killing fields in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

In Darfur, imperialists-backed separatist rebels and the Sudanese government responses are the cause of these blood sheds. In D. R. Congo, private armies of different imperialist companies are committing these crimes to secure their plundering fields. The reason behind this hypocrisy in the media is that the oil of Darfur will go to China by contract, but the gold, diamond and coltan of D. R. Congo are plundered by the imperialist companies silently. Although every loss of life is deplorable, in Darfur about 200'000 and in the D. R. Congo more than 5 million people were killed during recent years.

That is the reason why the crocodile tears which are shedding for Darfur, are dried from the source for D. R. Congo.

November 12th 2006

On the 5th of November, Daniel Ortega, the leader of the Sandinista, was elected for the 2nd time as the president of Nicaragua, and this happened in spite of the U. S. government interventions and intimidations.

It has been 16 years since he lost the presidential election to the U.S. imperialism backed and financed coalition.

During the Sandinista government, there were great improvements in the quality of life for the Nicaraguans, for instance free health-care and education was implemented for all, land reforms took place, nationalization of big domestic and foreign corporations were started and corruption tackled while the country was fighting against imperialism created Contra rebels.

To day Ortega is facing a country which is rated as the 2nd poorest country in the western hemisphere. Corruption is rampant, and 7 out of every 10 Nicaraguans live under the poverty line.

This is what democracy means for the exploiters.

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Summer 2006 - Brief Stories

September 10th 2006

On September 6th, 2006, G. W. Bush, the president of the USA, said no torture had taken place in the secret CIA prisons. But he said the CIA programme had interrogated a small number of key figures suspected of involvement in 9/11.

Mr. Bush said the CIA had used an “alternative set of procedures”. The obvious question is what are these “alternative sets of procedures”? According to the BBC News, these procedures include: the use of dogs to intimidate prisoners, water boarding (the practice of submerging prisoners under water), any kind of sexual humiliation and many other interrogation techniques.

But maybe he is right and these techniques are not considered as torture. In the culture of the US imperialist’s governments, torture may be consist only as cutting ears, pulling out the eyes, piercing the skulls, cutting the tongues, breaking the bones and many other similar procedures. The procedures which were carried out against the defendants of democracy, by the butchers of coup-d’états, in Iran, in Guatemala, in Indonesia, in Chile and in many other parts of the world (and are still practiced) under the auspices of CIA agents.

August 28th 2006

Airliners terrorist plot discoveries and similar dramas, which are widely broadcasted in the mainstream media, will possibly continue until the U.S. mid-term, November 2006, elections.

Accordingly we are witnessing diverted  & cancelled  flights and passengers all around world are stranded in the airports; from within the U.S., from England to the U.S., from Egypt to Italy, from Netherlands to India... Only on August 25th, about 9 airliners were diverted in the U.S. alone.

Passengers were handcuffed, harassed and interrogated (as happened to the 12 Indian passengers of the U.S.  North West airline by Dutch authorities).

In each case there was no evidence of terrorist plots. These ridiculous events are taking place to buy votes for the Republicans in the next U.S. mid-term elections.

If the Republicans win the elections, the most rabid imperialist agenda of the Neo-Cons will continue. The agenda which serves, mostly, the interests of the finance-capital and the military-oil-industry complex.

Factitious plots play a major role in these events. For imperialism more profits will justify all kinds of criminal acts. These acts generate more terrorism and terrorism brings more pretexts to curb social and human rights continuously. A vicious cycle which only ends with the end of capitalism.

August 6th 2006

American generals talked about the eminent civil war in Iraq in a theatrical show in the US senate.

The reason behind this show is that the US forces must stay in Iraq for a long time, possibly for ever.

It is important to know that inciting sectarian violence in Iraq is a part of the US plan to divide and conquer this country.

Creation of death squads like the Wolf Brigade by the US imperialism, with the mission to kill one side and blame the other side, serves the ultimate intention of colonizing Iraq.

Colonization of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon are only the beginning of the creation of a new Middle East.

The colonization must be fulfilled hurriedly before the emergence of any rival powers, so it is swift and as a result brutal (as in the case of Lebanon).

But on August 4, 2006, a day after that show in Washington, more than one million Iraqis from all sections of the society filled the streets of Baghdad and rejected the imperialists' plan and showed their repulsion against the brutality of its gendarme, Israel.

June 29th 2006

According to news by the BBC, rich Russian investments in the UK are rising to a surprising point.

In 2002, deposits by the Russian companies and individuals held in UK banks amounted to 5.8 billion pounds.

By 2004, that had risen to 14.4 billion pounds, and by the end of March this year the figure was a staggering 49 billion pounds.

Russian money is having a big impact on all kinds of markets, and London estate agents, art dealers and banks all are eager to deal with a new breed of big spenders (June 23, 2006).

This happens in a very rich country, which more than one-fourth of its population are officially declared as poor and it is continuously worsening.

This is what promised “freedom” brought after 15 years.

This is what democracy means by capitalists.

But this is simply theft and plunder!

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Spring 2006 - Brief Stories

June 7th 2006

On May 29th, 2006, after a US military vehicle apparently lost control and smashed into at least 12 civilian cars in Kabul, hundreds of Afghans gathered in this bloody scene and chanted, “Death to the occupiers”, “Death to Karzai”,…

This peaceful demonstration provoked by anger was confronted with bullets shot by the American forces. As a result many were killed and wounded.

When the news spread out, the whole city rioted against the brutality and wild behaviour of the occupation forces. To quell the riot, tanks were brought in and a curfew was imposed. Dozens were killed and hundreds were wounded only in this day.

These people were not Taliban; they were ordinary citizens of Kabul, who simply practiced their promised democratic rights through peaceful demonstration. But, they did not know that for the protection of their promised “democracy”, they have to be shot and smashed under the tanks, detained and faced torture to death.

The imperialist forces which step by step are closing their magic shops of “democracy” in their home-lands are insistently eager to open these in their plundering fields abroad.

It is ridiculous!

May 11, 2006

USA Today reported that three main telecommunication companies AT&T, BellSouth and Verizon are turning-over tens of millions of US telephone calls to the NSA, the American Government spy agency, during the years after 911.

First, what is apparent is how big companies conspire against their customers for their strategic goals, namely preservation of capitalism with any means.

Secondly, if tens of millions of American families are suspected to have sympathy for terrorists that would mean that the system is really decayed.

Thirdly, this is all about gathering information to blackmail vulnerable opponents and to silence them so that they would fulfil the current rabid imperialist agenda – repression inside and invasion outside.

In Liberia, girls as young as 8 years old, exchange sex for food with the agents of the UN aid organization, to feed their starving families (from news by BBC, May 7, 2006).

There is no surprise, it happened before and it will happen in the future, here and there.

When the world is mostly ruled by the imperialist powers, corruption is the simplest thing that can happen. The UN is no exception!


French companies had more than a 50% profit last year. This profit has come from abroad and not from within France. (PBS News, April 4, 2006)

Therefore if there is no profit from the inside, we can not provide job security and of-course no free health care, no free education, no affordable housing and etc in the future.

This is the essence of imperialism. In this final stage of capitalism, ruling classes are finance capitalists which have no homelands. They transfer the capital by the speed of light. Wherever there is more profit, there will be their homeland. People are no more than tools of consumption, but only if they can afford to buy.

About one thousand Africans drowned during their attempt to reach the European costs since the beginning of this year. One in every five Africans is perished in their doomed journey toward Europe. (From news by BBC on April 4, 2006)

There is no doubt that Africa is a very rich continent, but is brutally plundered by the imperialist powers. Young African peoples are taking risks in thousands to seek even a slave’s job in the industrial countries so that they can feed themselves and provide help to their starving families.

Child pornography is a business with $21 billion profit each year globally. (ABC news, April 4, 2006)

What is noticeable is that 70% of these children are lured by their parents and other close family members to expose themselves.

Why would their parents and other close family members do this heinous crime?

They need money. And wherever capitalism is more advanced, the scale of this crime is higher.


PBS NEWS reported on March 6, 2006, that telecommunication giant AT&T is planning the acquisition of Bell-South Corporation in a $67 billion deal that would make AT&T, the largest U.S. provider of telephone services,…this merger will increase the consumer prices and will cut about 10’000 jobs. Mergers are taking place more rapidly during the stage of imperialism (monopoly of the finance capital).

Those people who lose their jobs due to administration cuts and those workers, who become unemployed because of automatization, are the same who have to buy goods and services from these newly emerged giants. But they can not. This flaw of capitalism has no palliative cure.

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Winter 2006 - Brief Stories

In the U.K., those who pay enough, can get a peerage and even become a lord. Brotherhood with the lords can make you even a prime-minister. In capitalism, power like everything else, is tradable in the free market. (From news by the B.B.C., March 17, 2006)

In France, more than 20% of the 18 to 25 year-olds are unemployed. The youth unemployment among the poorest communities (mostly immigrants) can reach up to 40% (B.B.C. News, March 17, 2006).

There will be no cure, even no temporary relief for this sickness of employment within capitalism. It will get worse with time.

March 15, 2006, A.B.C. News – In an internet child-pornography ring, which was recently discovered, thousands of children were being molested and sexually abused. The youngest child who was shown in pictures was less than 18 months old. The ring was mostly operating in U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and New-Zealand.

No doubts, the parents of these children are so poor that selling their children for a bit of money will help continue their miserable life. The traders are making money in this free-market, and the consumers like the other two components of this vicious cycle are the products of the very advanced capitalism in these countries.


Without any sympathy towards the oppressive and corrupt regime of Iran, the problem at hand with this country is not about having or not having atomic bombs in the future. It is about the existence of a sea of oil and gas which she is sitting on, and her strategic location which connects the rich Caspian Sea oil and gas fields, to the rich Persian Gulf oil and gas resources.

The most rabid think-thanks of the imperialist forces, believe that anyone who controls these resources will maintain its supremacy over other future emerging powers in the 21st century.  This being said, the U.S. imperialism wants to colonize these areas, split them to small countries, hostile to each other and ready to be exploited to the ends.

Imperialism at this stage can not live without colonies and enslaved peoples, and this trend has nothing to do with the future well-being of the majority of the American people.

Fifty percent of India’s peoples have no access to electricity (BBC news, March 2nd, 2006)

More than one-third of India’s population (the size of the US) have nothing.  The lives of these peoples are appalling (CBS news, March 2nd, 2006)

These things are happening 58 years after this country’s independence and “flourishing” of the biggest “democracy” in the world.  What is called the recent booming economy of India is nothing more than the importation of some cheap labour and sell-off of the country’s assets to domestic and foreign private sectors.

A mudslide burried the entire village of Guinsaugon in the Southern Philippines and killed about 2000 people.

Improper cut down of the trees into logs by greedy international companies is the main cause of this disaster.  A practice that destroys jungles and leaving the land unprotected against rainfalls (February 17, 2006).

Why are things going so wildly in Iraq?  Reason being that, Iraq has become the new Wild West.  War profiteers swarm from everywhere to collect their jackal share.  They rent a share from imperialist powers to grab some of the booties.  And it is the people of Iraq that like New-World Indians must pay the price with their lives and livelihood  (February 12, 2006).

German car-maker Volkswagen is to cut up-to 20’000 jobs in the next 3 years.  This happens while the company reported a preliminary net profit of 1.1 billion euros for 2005, (BBC News, Feb. 10, 2006)

One of the main causes of these lay-offs is ever-increasing automatization of the tools of production.  In capitalism unlike socialism, progress in technology, adds to the misery of the workers.  These things take place everywhere in the capitalist world, no matter the religion, the nationality, the race, and so on.

According to CBS News on February 10, 2006, $8.8 billion of the Iraq reconstruction budget is not accounted for.

It is the final aim of invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, and possibly Iran: plunderage by every means.

Electronic eavesdropping in the US has raised outrage among many senators and congressmen.  The reason is that under the name of electronic surveillance of Al-Qaeda sympathizers, The White-House collected information about politicians and its opponents to silence them and if needed used against them.  It is estimated that about 80’000 people were eavesdropped, which most likely is far more than the al-Qaeda sympathizers in the US. (Feb, 09, 2006)

The proposed US budget for 2007, shows that Mr. Bush wants to cut spending on Medicare – the healthcare programme for the poor, elderly and disabled – by $35.9 billion over the next 5 years.  While there is an increase of 6.9% for military and a 3.3% increase in homeland security funds. (BBC News, February 06, 2006).

According to the Yahoo News on Feb, 01, 2006, US House of Representatives already passed a bill to cut $39 billion subsidies to Medicaid, Medicare and student loans over five years, to tackle the deficits.

Feb, 05, 2006

Why would the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad who were first published purposefully in a Danish letter on Sept. 30, 2005, suddenly burst into the mainstream media in early Feb, 2006, and provoked anticipated violent demonstrations in some parts of the world?

The reasons are:

  1. To shift public opinion from pro-Palestinian to pro-Israeli, especially in Europe, after the Hamas victory in Palestine.

  2. To bring public support especially in Europe for the future possible attack on Iran, after referring it to Security Council.

For what:  to colonize country after country!

While in California there is a brand of beer for rich people’s dogs (NBC News, Feb 05, 2006), Katrina stricken people in New-Orleans and Mississippi do not even have a healthy drinking water.  Here there is no need to talk about backwarded countries.

United Airlines announced the end of its bankruptcy.  Nevertheless, many workers feel betrayed; they say that while they took cuts, executives cashed in on the airline’s reorganization.  Four hundred top executives are making more than $400 million (from News by CBS, Feb, 01, 2006).

The direction in which capitalism moves makes the rich richer and the poor poorer; if there will be no struggle for a decent life by the majority, a small minority will enslave all.

January 30, 2006

Exxon Mobil Oil Company reported its quarterly profit which is $10.7 billion.  Its annual net income has reached $36 billion, $11 billion more than last year.  Its revenue for the full year was $371 billion.

Wal-Mart’s revenue was $300 billion over the past year.

In the same range are the high revenues of British petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, General Electric.., whilst the US budget deficit is around $300 billion, with this deficit causing problems for the US government, guess which of the two is more powerful?  The US government or the big multinational companies, and which imposes its influence over other.

BBC News reported on January 27, 2006, “Two billion people or 1/3 of the world’s population are infected with bacillus tuberculosis.  They are in danger of getting the full blown disease if they are not treated properly.

Do not forget that we are living in the turn of 21st century, not in the middle ages.

There are about 10’000 homeless in Moscow; they are dying under the freezing weather of minus 30 degree centigrade.  (From News by the BBC; January 19, 2006).  In other words they are reaping the fruits of a paradise called capitalism.

In the earthquake stricken areas of Pakistani Kashmir, 3 million people are still homeless months after the earthquake.  In severe winter not only many adults but also many children have no shoes and go with bare-foot on snowy and icy rude mountains. (BBC News, January 12, 2006).

Meanwhile Pakistani government spends millions of dollars to purchase arms.

Retirees in the U.S. will face a very difficult situation in the near future.  They are using their credit cards for purchasing medications, food, energy, etc.  But due to financial hardships by loosing their pensions, they will not be able to pay their debts, and will be bankrupted, (ABC News, January 5, 2006).

The lobbyists are using gifts of money, foreign trips and lavish meals to buy political influence. 

Prominent lobbyist, Jack Abramoff and his former business partner, Michael Scanlon were putting millions of dollars for bribing lawmakers in Washington.

Lobbying is a multi-billion dollars business which acts as a middle man between companies and lawmakers to pass legislations in favour of those companies (News Agencies January 4, 2006).

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2005 - Brief Stories

On December 29, 2005, PBS News broadcasted a documentary which was about the discovery of mass graves in Guatemala.  The direct consequence of criminal acts posed by military and right-wing death squads’.

But PBS did not mention that these mass graves were the results of U.S. imperialism backed coup in 1954 which deposed the elected president Jacobo Arbenz.

Jacobo Arbenz was a progressive president who wanted to do something good for his people.  A move that was not in the interests of big multinational companies. 

This heinous act has been repeated many times in other countries and recently in Haiti; on February 2004, elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide was ousted by U.S. imperialism forces.

As news agencies reported on December 29, 2005, U.S. government loans to small businesses impacted by 911 attacks, has gone to big businesses which mostly have no connection to 911 attacks.

Corruption in the systems and within the corporations is not an exception, it is a rule engender in capitalism itself, and is widespread, for instance we see it in Elf France energy company, in Enron, in Nortel Networks, in Tyco, in Royal Dutch Schell, in Qwest, in Hollinger International, in Halliburton, in Parmalat (Italian-based company), in WorldCom, in Columbia hospital, etc, etc.

Bankruptcy of the many auto-part companies will hurt the life of millions in the U.S.A. alone, and it is just the beginning.  (News by NBC, December 27, 2005).

These millions are the same people who have to buy the products of these companies.  But they can’t, because they will have no money.

This is one of the flaws of capitalism, with no cure.

One year after the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, people are still without shelter and without jobs, along with the many devastated areas with no electricity and healthy drinking water.  Governments did little, and most of international aid did not reach the disaster zones.  International aids, as usual, are melted in the pots of bureaucratic administrations, or simply are embezzled (December 26th 2005, from News Agencies).

According to a report by NBC News broadcasted on December 25th 2005; since the beginning of war on Iraq (March 20, 2003), about 30 000 wounded American soldiers were brought to Germany for treatment.  This does not include those who are being treated in Iraq itself.

As BBC News reported on December 22nd 2005, the bones of Alistair Cook (a broadcaster who died recently) were removed from his corpse before cremation.  These cancerous bones are perhaps, to be sold to a company which trades body parts for transplantation.  What ever is the motivation behind this bizarre event, displays that nothing will be immune from trading in market-economy, if there is a profitable demand.

Each week about 10’000, people mostly from Latin America, take the risk and cross the dangerous borders of the U.S. to work there, as slaves (News Agencies, December 22nd 2005).

Three days of strike by the transit workers in New York City showed how powerful organized workers can be.  The strike nearly paralyzed the city and had great impact on the economy of the whole state and even the country.  The strike cost one billion dollars to businesses (News Agencies, December 22, 2005).

A report by News Agencies on December 22nd, 2005, shows that “each F22 Raptor fighter-jet which is recently manufactured costs 350 million dollars. The U.S. government buys about 150 of those jets”.

To increase the demand for these very profitable commodities, there is a need to wage wars.  This is one of the main reasons behind the creation of crises and wars in the international stage.

ABC News reported on December 21st, 2005, that, “all of the public and private institutions are cutting their retirement pensions.”

This policy will leave millions of people in misery.  One of these companies is Verizon that according to ABC News (December 06th, 2005) is in good financial shape.

This happens because of brutal war between companies, those who get less profit will be swallowed by the bigger ones (the law of the jungle).

These policies of imperialism constantly add to the number of poor and continuously lead to the creation of a small minority of rich and powerful people.

Despotic puppet rulers installed or supported by imperialism, suppress all the progressive and secular parties and organizations in one hand, and in the other hand, help or condone the growth of religious organization.  That is what happened in Iran of the Shah, in Egypt of Hosni Mobark, in Saudi Arabia of Kings, in Pakistan of Generals and so on.  (December 20, 2005).

Desensitization is a mechanism, by which the imperialist governments privatize public institution step by step to avoid the people’s reactions and opposition to these very harmful acts.  Of course the mainstream media which are the properties of big companies play a great role in misleading the people.  (December 18th, 2005).

If the U.S. government does not torture the so-called prisoners of war, why does it keep them in secret places, called black-sites?  Why does it send them to countries that openly torture their people, countries like Egypt, Algeria, Saudi-Arabia, Morocco, … or why would they send them to some of the East-European countries (which recently embraced that heavenly capitalism), to be tortured there? (December 10, 2005).

One third of Romania’s population live under the poverty line, each year about 4 to 9 thousand, children are abandoned there by their mothers after birth (December 09, 2005, BBC News).

The insurance companies in the U.S.A., constantly increase their premium and put the blame on costly, high-tech, expensive medications and increasing hospital fees.

Companies like GM, Ford … say healthcare is expensive and no longer can they cover their fraction of responsibility.  Each part of this chain blames the other, but the real culprit is capitalism itself, which can not see anything except for profit (December 08, 2005).

ABC News reported that, “1 to 3 million children are living in the streets of the United States of America (November 27, 2005).

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