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Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler

- Albert Einstein

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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing

- Albert Einstein



Questions & Answers

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Are you a Marxist-Leninist?

No we are not! We believe in Scientific Socialism, but of course Marx, Engels and Lenin are its founders and the main contributors in this field of science.

What is a Bubble Economy?

To answer this we need an example. Suppose you buy a $ 300,000 house by taking mortgage from a bank. But you would have to pay the bank $ 600,000 with the interest rate of 5% in 20 years. The bank considers this $ 600,000 as its asset from the beginning of the deal, and will buy the same amount of bonds from the Treasury Department. These bonds are exchanged for money (paper or electronic) and credit, through the Federal Reserves. Thus all of these institutions base the foundations of their economy over the debts of you and millions like you, who have purchased houses, cars, student loans, etc. etc.

What happens if you and those millions lose their jobs, paralyzed by interests over interests … and no longer are able to pay your and their mortgages? The whole economy will collapse. Those fiat moneys which were issued after your debts will disappear in thin air like a bubble.

That is why more than $ 31 trillion was lost globally in stocks only in 2008.

Unlike imperialist economy which is based mostly on the business of usury, the foundation of a sound economy should be upon the production of goods and services for the needs of the society.

Can religions solve the world’s problems?

No, in thousands of years human societies went through different stages from slavery, to feudalism and capitalism in the very presence of various religions. Not only the religions were not able to change the courses of these painful stages, but also became a tool in the hand of exploiters to perpetuate their rules and add more and more to the human misery.

Why does a war take place?

A war takes place when a person or a group of people seize another person’s or other’s properties. Wars due to love, honour or religion are exceptional and mostly are pretexts to attack and seize other’s property. Conquerors immediately seize the property of those who are defeated. Even the history which has been written by the conquerors, confirm this.

Wars happen only in the class-societies, because in a class-less society property belongs to all.

Why unemployment is incurable in capitalism?

There are different reasons, the most important are:

  1. Automation of industries due to the ever-growing sectors of science and technology; machines take the place of humans.

  2. Mergers, as the larger companies swallow the smaller ones, all similar jobs merge to one job; similar positions are eliminated, and the extra workforce is laid-off.

  3. Privatization tends towards having a smaller and more elaborate workforce.

  4. Constant exportation of jobs to countries with cheaper labour.

All of these reasons which are driven by inevitable greed will eventually lead to the demise of capitalism. Those armies of unemployed peoples are as well consumers. What lives can they live with no money to consume. They will push capitalism to its grave.

Why do we need Socialism?

Because not only capitalism can not solve the ever-growing problems of the world, but also worsens them by its actions day after day. Socialism is the only scientific alternative to capitalism!

I believe that the establishment of socialism is not possible, as it was in the ex-Soviet Union?

Take a look at what is happening around us in the world.  People deserve a better and more decent way of life. Many and many times class societies were formed and destroyed. Sometimes a society which had reached the level of capitalism may again slip back to it's former system (feudalism or slavery) due to different internal and external factors. What happened in the ex-Soviet Union (being the first and only effort of mankind towards building a just society) provides us with very important lessons. And, do not forget that the line between two different antagonist societies is not a straight line; it is always like a Zigzag!

Do you believe in the dictatorship of proletariat?

We do not believe in any kind of dictatorship, even in the dictatorship of the proletariat!

Do multiple party systems exist in a socialist society?

Yes, and while there are peoples ready to vote for any given party in a society, that party will exist to function. The best tools to check and balance a ruling party are the opposite parties and organizations!

What is a government's deficit?

It is a debt to a bank. Instead of using taxpayers money for the well-being of the people, it is paid with interest over interest to banks. Why does a government have to borrow from a bank? The government prints money according to the GDP, GNP. There is no need for the usurious private banks unless a government becomes a tool in the hands of the finance-capitalists, the imperialists.

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