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- Albert Einstein

The recent Iran events, a brief story

The problem with Ahmadinejad and some of the Coup leaders in Iran is not their Jewish past. They are members of an apparently Islamic fundamentalist but pro-Zionist group called Hojjatieh-Motalefeh. Hojjat is another name of the Absent Imam, the 12th in the Shiite Islam, from which Hojjatieh got its name.

During Prime Minister Mossadegh's era, 1951-53, Hojjatieh was acting under the name of Anti-Bahaei gathering. At that time, they argued that their enemy was the Bahaei sect, not the UK, nor the US government. They even burned down some innocent Bahaei houses to dramatize these events. Following the success of the CIA sponsored Coup of 1953 against Dr. Mossadegh, Anti-Bahaei movements together with some high ranking Bahaei gatherings cooperated with Shah’s Regime and both had a hand in the formation and then the brutal operations of the SAVAK, the terrible secret police of Iran. SAVAK was responsible for the torture, killing and disappearance of thousands of Iranian citizens.

After the 1979 Revolution, the Hojjatieh and its twin sibling the Motalefeh (Islamic Alliance Gathering) opportunistically collaborated with the Revolution. They were the main agitators of relations between Iran and Iraq. By inciting an Islamic revolution in Iraq, Hojjatieh provided Saddam with the best pretext to attack Iran, a war which was supported by imperialists and Zionists. During the 8 years of the Iran-Iraq War, millions of Iranian Shiites and surprisingly Iraqi Shiites were killed or maimed in battle-fields – Khomeini considered himself the leader and protector of Muslims, especially Shiites of the world, but he adamantly persisted in the continuation of this long and bloody War. Imperialists, especially the US, even armed Iraq with chemical weapons. On the other hand, Israel, through its contacts with Hojjatieh, and the US through its notorious Iran-Contra Affair (1986) were selling millions of dollars of arms and military parts to Iran.

While fervent Iranian youths and loyal revolutionaries were being slaughtered on the mine fields of the war fronts, Hojjatieh were filling the key posts of Iranian government and the Revolutionary Guard. By buying privatized national assets and snatching the so-called Islamic charity foundations, they compiled wealth and spread their spheres of influence, in expense of the unemployment and poverty of millions of Iranians. Preaching superstition, creating new saints and selling vacancies in paradise was their other profitable profession. The main cause of the June 12th 2009 Coup d’ Etat, was to guard and expand this wealth and merge it with big international capital. Recently a cargo worth about $18.5 billion (American dollars and gold bars), that was trafficked easily from Iran to Turkey by an Iranian agent, was confiscated by the Turkish government. While it was jubilantly announced by the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a timely and unexpected God sent gift and not an Iranian investment, we are shockingly witnessing total silence in regards to this scandal from the Iranian side.

By infesting the Islamic security forces and creating lawless prisons inside prisons, Hojjatieh committed the worst human right abuses that ever happened in recent Iranian history. Many of the butchers of Iranian prisons, notorious killers and torturers of the Evin Prison, have their roots to the Hojjatieh-Motalefeh. The Hojjatieh is mostly responsible for the mass executions of 1983 and 1988 which sentenced thousands of dissidents to death, in few minute interrogation sessions.

After the Coup of June 12th, 2009, what they did to the captured peaceful protestors of the fraudulent presidential election, for instance in the Kahrizak Detention Centre makes the Abu Ghraib events look like a picnic in a park.

In the absence of domestic popular backing and the prospect of a violent fall, the Islamic Regime of Iran deceptively relied on pan-Islamic, anti-imperialist oratory and offered some financial assistance in order to gather militants from the Islamic world and gain political support from the anti-imperialist camp.

By heightening the tensions in the region and by empty rhetoric, the deceptive regime of Khamenei-Ahmadinejad has provided Israel with the best pretext to playing innocence and continuing its aggressions against its neighbours. The worst and most vicious attacks of Israel on Palestine and Lebanon happened during the first term of Ahmadinejad’s presidency (2005-2009). Imperialism, especially the US, maintained and has been maintaining its presence in the region, by the cause of Iranian threat. Billions of dollars of arms have been sold to the oil-rich Arab countries. Their despotic puppet regimes have been preserved as an excuse to the Iranian threat. It is the presence of these puppet and unpopular regimes that makes the imperialist pillages and the Israeli aggressions possible.

The existence of the Islamic Republic of Iran is essential and somehow vital to the presence of US imperialism in the region. This Regime creates tension, and tension is necessary for the US to occupy the lands, make new markets, monopolise the exploration, extraction and the trade of oil and gas, especially at the time of this intractable recession. That’s why in the face of Iranians’ mass protests against the fraudulent Ahmadinejad’s re-election for presidency, the US recognized him as an elected president. It is not hard to understand that imperialism never prefers a democratically elected government over a despotic one, even in the United States of America.

It will not be surprising that with the continuation and strengthening of the anti-government demonstrations and the prospect of its fall, we shall see Israeli and US air strikes on Iran’s atomic energy facilities. These attacks will provide the Iranian Regime a reason to declare the state of war and emergency measures to brutally suppress the democratic movement – as did Khomeini with the start of the Iran-Iraq War – a move that will push the Islamic regime more and more in to the imperialist den.

But in spite of all conspiracies, the struggle of the Iranian people for democracy, peace and social justice will continue. Their ultimate victory is looming. Events in Iran will be contagious and will spread, especially in the region. This is the least desirable turn of events for imperialism.

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