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Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler

- Albert Einstein

What is to be done?

We borrowed this title from the famous work of Lenin*, to emphasize the necessity for the establishment of a new-type leftist and progressive organization.

When we look around, we will see a world in turmoil, unpleasant events which herald a forthcoming disaster. Although our achievements in the fields of science and technology could suggest a decent peaceful life for everyone in the world, the reverse is actually happening. We are witnessing the miserable lives of the vast majority of the peoples, and the destruction of our environment, in exchange for an unbelievably lavish life style for a small minority, the exploiters.

These conditions are the direct consequence of the acts of a failing system, namely Capitalism and its final stage Imperialism.  In this perilous environment, what is evident is the absence or low key presence of the leftist progressive organizations to lead the workers and all the oppressed peoples towards a just and peaceful society, Socialism.  That is the reason behind our insistence for the formation of these new-type organizations.

The current communist and leftist organizations especially in the Industrial West are mostly suffering from nearly the same sickness that led to the dismantlement of the Soviet Union.  Here, other than the existence of desperate honest members struggling through the system, the main internal problems are:

  1. Dogmatism, in which the inflicted person reads and memorizes classical literature sentence-by-sentence like the verses of the Bible, and excommunicate those who interpret the texts otherwise. A tendency which was decidedly disliked by the classics.
    While the world is changing, a dogmatic person makes a religion out of this scientific ideology, Marxism-Leninism, to feel salvation under its shadow.
  2. Sectarism is the main consequence of dogmatism. When these organizations are not able to reach to their audiences, the workers and the oppressed peoples, they inevitably wrap themselves in cocoons of bigotry.
  3. Opportunism: this trend uses the above mentioned symptoms in its favour; to make a living and leisure from the existence of these organizations.

The opportunists and their ally-bureaucrats direct these political organizations like business institutions, a practice that has been implemented by many of the union leaders for a long period of time. These conditions can even make such an organization the breeding ground for infiltration.

The party is only a tool to lead the peoples towards building socialism. If it does not work repair it, overhaul it, and even discard it and build a new one. However, these new-type organization have to recognize the rules of the game, in what is called bourgeois democracy.  If they got political power by positive votes, they have to relinquish that power in the face of negative votes in the following elections.

Friedrich Engels who acknowledged the role of election in shaping a socialist government, in response to a question by the Daily Chronicle says “Why not? If the growth of the party continues at its normal rate we shall have a majority between the years 1900 and1910. And when we do, you may be assured we shall neither be short of ideas nor men to carry them out.” (End of June 1893)

Lenin also recommended that, while all democratic ways are open, communists shall never resort to physical force.

The communist and worker parties have to abandon the subject of “The Dictatorship of Proletariat”. As the lessons from the Soviet Union teach us,  “The Dictatorship of Proletariat”, leads to the dictatorship of the party, and finally to the dictatorship of individuals.  A practice that is not compatible with Socialism.

Capitalists have won the word of democracy and forcedly sold us the word of dictatorship, but the reality always rises from behind the dark clouds of lies and falsifications.

The encouraging good news from most parts of Latin-America, have many lessons to teach and will have a great impact on the future of the mankind.

* What Is To Be Done? (V. I. Lenin, 1902).

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