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Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler

- Albert Einstein

Why we need socialism?

Other than the main contradiction between bourgeoisie and proletariat – between capital and labour – in a capitalist society, other than the main contradiction between finance-capitalists and the workers, working people, unemployed, poor and oppressed in the imperialist system, there are other newly emerging conflicts between society and imperialism, which have to be addressed and dealt with urgently.

The conflicts arise from the way that our ever-growing science and technology are used by the increasingly centralized and empowered private sector in expense of the people’s destitution and planet’s destruction.

On the other hand, adventurism, individual outbursts and terrorism – the direct consequences of imperialists and reactionary forces suppressive behaviour – nowadays can have easy access to the destructive aspects of this high technology, and make things even more precarious.

Let us look at a few examples:

  1. Genetically Modified Organisms; In this matter, the genes of living things which are the products of billions of years of natural selection, evolution and adaptation of species, are manipulated to bring more profits to the unsaturating pockets of the private sector, regardless of being harmful to humans. Natural organisms are replaced by GMOs. This practice may cause unpredictable dangerous consequences to the whole ecosystem.

  2. Organ transplantation which is one of the extraordinary human achievements, has already taken a nasty face. Poor people are selling their organs for a small amount of money to continue their existence. This problem has led to the emergence of the organ black-market. Organ traffickers even abduct and kill the poor in backwarded countries to sell their organs to the more demanding markets.

  3. Human cloning: In a capitalist system, the very rich are seduced to bring this technology and its related experts to their service. They will make many clones of themselves, graze and cherish them in their private islands, to use them whenever there is a need to replace their old and sick organs with new ones.

To stress the dangerousness of the present world situation, we refer you to some news that was broadcasted recently in the first few days of November, 2006:

On November 1st, very intelligent robots were displayed in Japan. These robots can be programmed for good or for bad. By ownership of the private sector, they can be programmed to be senseless immortal soldiers, prison guards, interrogators and police. But by ownership of the society they will be programmed as rescuers, firefighters, and assistants for disabled persons.

One day later the BBC reported “that with newly advanced technology, everyone could be watched by the private sector”. They will gather vast information about individuals and of course their weaknesses and will use it to enslave them.

By mid-century marine life will disappear. “Species are declined continuously and the trend is intensifying,” (Journal of Science, November 2nd). All water bodies have to be brought under the control of society. Private sector does not care about environment. It cares only about its profit.

According to the PBS, “a UN report says that greenhouse gas emissions increased last year”. Safe fuel is available, but while the corporations are fighting with each other for their survival and their supremacy, the least thing they would consider is the use of safer fuels (November 2nd).

On November the 3rd we have two surprising news, the first one: All information about making a nuclear bomb was available under the title of “Iraq – US documents” for a whole week in a US government site (ABC News).  The 2nd news was about a woman that had access to all documents in Los Alamos, New Mexico, including nuclear weapons. It is interesting to know that about 20’000 laboratories around the world have facilities to make biological weapons like germs and viruses, harmful to every living things on the planet.

As we see, the Weapons of Mass Destruction will no longer be in the monopoly of governments anymore. In the near future, individuals and groups just like governments will be able to commit mass killings and vast destructions.

Finally, in a video which was broadcasted on November 5th by the BBC, shows that cyanide is sprayed in the gold mines around the world to extract microscopic gold deposits. As a result, lands were destroyed, waters were poisoned and people became sick and are dying, as we see in the case of Honduras.

Science and technology which are the result of thousands of years of human endeavour and experience have risen to a level that ought to be brought under the control of the whole society. These achievements have to be used for the well-being of all, and this will only happen in a socialistic society!

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