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Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler

- Albert Einstein

Do not be entangled in the web of conspiracies!

From 2008 till now, it is the 3rd time that Israeli Ground Forces have invaded the Gaza Strip. These attacks have led to street to street and house to house combat.

The question is: if Hamas was and is a real threat to Israel’s security and existence, why hasn’t Israel brought down this Palestinian authority?

The answer it that Hamas’ rule is useful for the survival of Israel. By creating fear of an enemy/enemies, Israel is holding its people together, controlling them and guaranteeing its own existence, while further achieving its colonization goals, as US did after horrendous events of 9/11 of 2001.

Israel apparently calls itself a Jewish State. A Jewish state is a religious state and a religious state needs religious conflicts and enemies. Hamas and governments like the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran provide enough justification for Israel to realize these objectives.

On the other hand, Hamas which has lost much of its credibility and popularity inside and outside of Palestine in recent years needs some boosts to rise again.

Since the start of this new conflict and war, Hamas has become the vanguard force of the Palestinian resistance, in the presence of a corrupt and inept Palestinian authority in the West Bank.

Yasser Arafat once said in an interview that Hamas’ creation was helped and facilitated by the Israeli Government, which now owes its emergence thanks to the recent brutality of that occupying regime.

Nearly 3 years ago, workers, disenchanted youths and progressive forces occupied the streets of Israel and showed their support for the “Arab Spring”: demanding peace and social justice for everyone, including the Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. These shouts were ignored by the majority of the Arabs. Why?

Because at that time most Arabs considered their struggle, a religious struggle, including struggle against Jews.

This is what imperialists and Zionists need, conflicts and wars between nations, races, and religions, to divert the real and just struggle for peace and social justice.

Religious and nationalistic wars are endless, bloody, and futile. Ordinary people pay the price with their lives and their livelihoods.

The ongoing Israeli-Gaza conflict started after the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teens on June 30th 2014, which was followed by the revenge kidnapping and killing of a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank.

Still we don’t know who was behind these brutalities, but we know how those evil acts were used as a pretext to eclipse carnage by another bloodbath.

To be clearer, the bloody large scale ground invasion by Israel on July 17th 2014 against Gaza aims to mainly black out the horrendous events in Syria and especially in Iraq; the very important events heralding the long calculated creation of a New Middle East.

The creation of small and weak dependent countries, hostile to each other, policed by the atomic Israel, ready to be plundered to the end: the New Middle East.

While ISIS, the imperialists’ and Zionists’ creature, is committing unspeakable atrocities against the people of Iraq and Syria, we see less coverage of those events in the mainstream media. It is also important to mention that by creating fanatic and extremist Shiite militants, the Islamic Republic of Iran, has actually become a part of this vicious cycle of imperialist’s conspiracy in Iraq. These actions alienate Sunni Muslims and push them more and more towards the camp of the “Islamic State”.

Finally, the catastrophic event of the shooting down of the Malaysian Flight MH17 in Ukraine (possibly being the missing Malaysian Flight MH370), happening on the same day of Gaza ground invasion simply could not be a coincidence. One can’t be convinced otherwise, while shocking news of this incident flooding the main stream media and flushing away the Gaza genocide.

These events are only a part of the imperialists’ plans to conquer more and more lands and resources around the world, including our subject, Ukraine.

Since years ago, imperialists, especially US imperialism, has been busy creating and training Fascist criminals and cannibals using them as leading forces in their different raids. Do not forget criminals and cannibals of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Central African Republic, Mali, Somalia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and of course it will be hard not to mention Ukrainian Fascists in this category.

It is crucial to mention that bloodshed brings about more bloodshed and atrocities. In these situations logic dies and advice won’t work anymore.

Before being drowned into a bloody animal world, people have to realize that the true struggle for mankind is the struggle for peace and social justice for all; this is the only way out of this mayhem.

Do not be entangled in the web of conspiracies!

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