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Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler

- Albert Einstein

Cause & Effect

All phenomena in the fields of physics, chemistry, biochemistry and biology take place under the law of cause & effect.

These basic sciences deal with matter and its behaviour since the beginning of time, some fifteen billion years ago.

Billions of years of motion, change, interaction and evolution of matter from sub- particles to biologic compounds has led to the emergence of living things and eventually to the rise of human beings.

Man is a very complex and highly organized material with the ability to think, make tools and build societies.

These characteristics not only make him a subject of basic sciences but also the sole theme of another science called sociology, which deals with the relationship of man to his fellowman.

Thus sociology cannot be exempted from the law of cause and effect, because society itself is a part of nature.

Neither in nature, nor in society events happens haphazardly, otherwise there will be no nature, no society and no science to deal with them.

Thanks to the meticulous researches and hardworking studies we’ve possessed an ever-growing science and a related technology. And, while scientists obsessively go after the cause – the base – of every phenomenon in nature, it is not always the same when sociologists and politicians deal with the society. Here things are usually discussed so superficially and symptomatically that, for instance, if doctors would do the same things for the patients in hospitals, only a few of them will stay alive, out of those institutions.

Let us view some examples, first comes war on Iraq. Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world and is located in a very strategic area, and the regime was no longer under control. The other reasons were only pretexts and have to be sold to the peoples of the invading countries to get their support. That is why, even before the land invasion, the oil industry of Iraq – an independent state – was privatized by the U.S. government.

Why is the U.S. government not interested in building “democracy” in Saudi Arabia? The cause is that this oil-rich country with the largest resources in the planet is already under control and can not sign any new oil contract with any rival country.

Do these adventures bring prosperity to the people of invader countries? Obviously not! The oil-mongering companies buy cheap and plunder uncountable oil from the oil-rich-backwarded countries and sell it to any customer including domestic buyers with higher prices. This oil is not used for the prosperity of homeland citizens. Its price is going higher and higher while the people are paying with their lives and their money.

Are these adventures a matter of pride and patriotism? Again, of course not! Companies perform these things for their profit, not for the people. In imperialism the ruling classes are no-longer the bourgeoisie with the nationalistic trends, they are finance-capitalists who transfer the capital and the jobs by the speed of light, wherever more profit is achievable, homeland or not. As a result there will be recessions in the metropoles and inflation in the low wage backwarded countries. This system accelerates the globalization of poverty.

The problem of state and non-state terrorism is our second example. Nowadays sentences like: ‘we will kill you first’, ‘you can not intimidate us’, and ‘we will go after you before you do, are overflowing in the media. These primitive words are taking place in the turn of 21st century, in the presence of so many scientists, thinkers, politicians, in the era of nanotechnology, space discoveries and internet. Discrepancy between our extraordinary scientific achievements and the way we behave in our societies is dangerous and dreadful. As if, little children are playing with fire. No body address the cause, because it falls back on capitalism itself.

Thirdly, helping poor Africa has become a matter of “conscience” and “kindness” in recent days. It has become a means of extreme hypocrisy and trickery. But the reality is that Africa is not poor, for instance, “the North East of Democratic Republic of Congo is the richest part of the world” (BBC News, June 01, 2005), yet, “the biggest war of our time is happening in the D.R. of Congo” (BBC News, April 04, 2005). The people of the richest region of the world are experiencing the most painful way of life. It is the signs and symptoms of extreme pillage. It is the new Wild West, and its fever is caused by the virus of gold, diamond and coltan rush which is carried by imperialist companies.

Niger is another part of Africa and is one of the richest lands of the planet. But it is rated as one of the poorest nations of the world by the U.N. Its main export is uranium, slavery is widespread there and, “3.5 million or 1/3 of the population are facing death from starvation right now” (U.N. report, July 18, 2005). Every attempt of this nation, like the other backwarded countries has been suppressed by imperialist installed puppet regimes. Regimes that terrorize these nations while opening the gates to colonizing powers. It is obvious that if they were not plundered, they would buy food during natural disasters as a short remedy and would also be able to modernize their agriculture and their ways of life in the long run.

Hereby the reason behind aid for Africa is to resuscitate this continent and keep it alive as a low-wage, maquiladora like exploitation center.

Finally, it is necessary to speak about an essential need for a decent life, not even in backwarded countries but right here in the middle of the United States of America.

In the U.S. there is enough workforce to be trained; available high-technology and abundant resources to implement equal access to healthcare for everybody. But the rulers deliberately complicate the matter and entangle it in an inextricable bureaucratic spider web, that a senior citizen poisoned by false propaganda tells herself, that “politicians are working hard for us, they are trying to fix these problems, but they can’t, healthcare is a difficult issue, so it is better not to bother them, it is better to die”.

The cause of death of this senior citizen is that trillions of dollars are at stake. The private sector profits are so huge that they do all the harms to keep it.

This is the essence of capitalism and before ‘the harms’ become irreversible both to the nature and to the society people have to realize and dump both capitalism and its final stage, imperialism all together!

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